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  1. What braking system do you use? We are supposed to have the RVi3 installed tomorrow. However I see online that my front seat does not have the back raised area to support it, and I need to have the stop plate installed. Has anyone else had this stop plate installed on a Lincoln MKX?
  2. Hello, its me again. I've only owned my MKX for a few weeks and I'm learning more about it every day. In your reply you refer to a few items that I need more clarification on. 1) How do I place my alarm system in Valet mode? 2) Do I have to leave the key in the car while towing it? 3) Do all MKX doors lock by pressing 7 & 9 together? Is it necessary to lock the doors? Thanks again for your time Wayne.
  3. Thank you Wayne. My MKX is keyless. I will try the process you described and see if the check engine lite goes out. I was putting my vehicle into accessory mode without starting it, without running it 5 mins, shifting it D,R, then neutral...I would just go into neutral. Hopefully that will be the trick. Thanks!
  4. OK. What is the exact step process that you do to set up the edge to tow? I didn't start with the vehicle running...thought maybe that was it. Thanks.
  5. The owners manual for my 2014 Lincoln MKX states its towable with all four wheels down, in accessory mode, and with the tranny in neutral. I tested this and the check engine light stays on. Does anyone else have this light stay on while towing behind the motorhome? Am I missing a step here? Thank you!
  6. Thank you. We put the salvage fdcm in. I now have ESP BAS and Traction control lights on. I assume they know there is a different computer there and just need to adjust? I have not heard from my dealer. After all I've heen thru with them and this problem you'd think I would. I pushed the traction control button and that light went out but ESP BAS are still luminated.
  7. I tried the battery disconnect, fuse pull, paid for a new actuator, I didn't need. I confirmed the number on my FDCM and bought one that has been in a salvage shop since Dec 2006. No N23 recall has touched it. Do I simply unplug and remove the original one and plug in and bolt down the replacement unit? Do I have to disconnect the battery or any other step to have it work properly? Thank you!
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