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  1. Garmin seems better for Motorhome users.
  2. Replaced two inside 2008 models for 2014 LED models this last fall. LG is the units we choose due to that is what Tiffin chose to put in their new coaches after a lot of testing. We were able to go bigger size in the living room / kitchen on the back wall by having built a frame to slant the unit away and at an angle from the outside wall and than attched the old metal original TV support. It has done well traveling. We used the original metal frame to support the larger new LED TV for the bedroom as well.
  3. I was one of the first users of Garmin for public use, Street Pilot III, now many units later, none of the GPS systems are perfect. Humans have loaded the government system before it became public and changing or updating info by the public due to errors of the system are nearly impossible. We have three GPS systems, one smaller one for the car and two RV systems for the bus. One is on the left for my driver to view and one is on the right for the passenger to view. One is a the new Garmin RV unit and the other if the Rand McNally. Each one will take you on a different route so I review the old map to see where and how we need to go and work between the three for our route. I am now having trouble with the audio on Rand McNally that was purchased last year at camping world. We purchased the extended warranty so as soon as we cross into the sight of a Camping World it will be exchanged. I like some features of the Rand McNally and other features of the Garmin. One is two different routes are given when you ask for a route to a place. You can review and than choose. The Garmin does not have this feature. Also you can add more memory and download different areas of interest of review. I am not sure about the Garmin. Just remember a GPS unit is not going to be a perfect solution for complete easy road travel. Shelia
  4. Thinking about flying to Alaska and renting an RV as you suggested in your post. You mentioned Whitehorse, AK. Any other areas to rent a RV from?
  5. First time for us for the 2015 launch. Staying at the American RV Resort on the west side. Not sure what is best - bus or drive auto to make sure we make the morning launch and night launch each 4 days we are there. May, before it is over, wished we stayed on the hill and close to the launch but needed full service for big RV. We have been in and around Albuquerque many times so will take friends around the city and sites. Staying in Santa Fe for a week prior to the start of the Balloon Fest. Shelia
  6. We have never traveled in Wisconsin but I have been researching for a trip this summer. I will be glad to share with you what I have as of date. Milwaukee, WI - central RV Park location - The Winconsin State Fair RV Park - 414-266-7035 - $40 per night Things to do: Untapped Tours - 414-698-8058 (plan to do this to get familiar to the city) Milwaukee Food Tours - 800-979-3370 - (plan to do the pizza tour, I hear the city has the best pizza) Harley-Davidson Museum - 877-436-8738 allow 4 hours Miller Park, Miller Brewery, Pabst Brewery, Great Lakes Distillery, Specher Brewing Company, Lakefront Brewery Art Museum, The Fireside Dinner Theatre, Mitchel park (The Domes), Old World 3rd Street (414) 273-7222 (German Ancestry), The American System-built homes are Frank Lloyd Wright treasure (note one home is now open for tour) 2714 W. Bumham July 20-July 26 - Oshcosh, WI - AirVenture Show You can stay on site of the AirVenture Show are in a local RV Park. At this I have us staying at Breezy Hill Campground, about 15 miles from park entrance. Fond du Lac, WI. Breezy Hill Campground, N4177 Cearns ,54937, 920-477-2300, We will be traveling from Alabama toward Wisconsin, working our way into the state. Hope this helps you get started. If you find out other interesting places to see along the way let me know. Shelia W.
  7. Last travel season after leaving the FMCA Reunion in Perry, GA we traveled up the eastern coast of the US. When we were in Maine we stayed at the following RV Campgrounds: 1) Moody Beach, 266 Post Road, Wells, ME ( we used one of our RV Campground memberships) 2) Mt. Desert Narrows Camping Resort, 1219 State Hiw 3, Bar harbor, ME (we used Ready Camp Go Membership) 3) Narrows To Camping Resort, 1150 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton, ME (We used Ready Camp Go Membership) This resort fit our Motorhome needs and size better than Mr. Desert Narrows. We travel in a 40' motorhome. We were in Maine for a month. We traveled around the areas by car after parking the coach. We took a Lighthouse tour. Up until 2015 the tour company only did it once a year, for 2015 they will be doing it for two dates. Bar Harbor Whale Watch co, 1 West St., Bar Harbor, ME 04609 (207) 288-2386 or 1-888-WHALES 'Grand Slam" Lighthouse tour 17 Lighthouses seen from a huge catamaran. Another tour company you need to check out is at www.svboattours.com/boat.html. Don't forget to stop and tour the Lobster Hatchery on the island. Very interesting. Another place to visit is Ray Murphy Chainsaw Show outside Hancock, ME. 734 Hwy 1. Have fun, enjoy yourself and eat, eat fresh crab and lobster. Shelia W Chainsaw Sawyer Artist Live Show Address: 734 US Hwy 1, Hancock, ME Directions: Chainsaw Sawyer Artist Live Show. On the north side of US Hwy 1, just west of its intersection with Hwy 182. Hours: June-Sept. E-mail chainsawray [@] hotmail.com for show times.- See more at: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/18090#sthash.lFTl6ANA.dpuf
  8. On arrival to winter site in south Texas our thermostat froze up. Replaced fuse, reset. Still not working. Replaced thermostat. Only can see one unit out of three on read out. Will quit and freeze at any time. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot the problem? Have 2010 Tiffin Phaeton QTH. Shelia
  9. Planning stage for 2015 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Friends are going with their RV group that are doing day trips to sites around Albuquerque. Have visited Albuquerque at other times and are not really interested in paying money for side trips to places we have visited many times. Interest is the Balloon Fiesta. Tips on where to stay with our big 40' foot motorhome to get the best bang for our time and money.
  10. We stayed in Hilton Head and just drove over to Svannah for day trips. Big Rig friendly on the island. We staryed at Hilton Head Harbor in a site right on the water for a week. http://hiltonheadharbor.com/site.php
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