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  1. I am a relative newbie with RVs, and have never deal with Coach Net. I did break down outside of Santa Fe, NM on I 25 and called Good Sam. They could not find a tow vehicle to remove me from the highway until the next day. State Police said I was not in a safe position. A mobile mechanic called a tow company to get me the 3 miles to the repair shop which GS recommended and I was moved. I attempted to get some reimbursment from GS for the tow. They went out of their way to find reasons why they could not give me any money. I will never deal with them again and will use CoachNet or the new FMCA program. PC Ober 2005 Country Coach Allure Tucson , AZ
  2. I have been dealing with EasyCare for a transmission failure for the past 4 months. They just keep give me the run around and new reasons to deny my claim. Three different reasons, the lastest is the Pre-exsisting condition loophole. Do not buy this product..
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