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  1. We didn't have a mouse/packrat problem until our neighbor with cats moved away! Tried everything mentioned but here's what we did with 100% success. We started leaving the bay lights on and I put emergency flashers in all the bays. They are extremely bright and have several flashing patterns. I turn them on in the evening and turn them off in the morning.
  2. Recently my RV dealer indicated that I needed to change out (1) tire due to weather checking. This tire was only 4 years old. I went to the Michelin Advantage site and found that Purcell's was the closest dealer. I asked my dealer to take the RV over to Purcell's and have them call me. I was called by the Manager, Mark, and told that all my tires needed to be replaced due to dry-rotting. This came as quite a surprise as I keep my RV in storage with the tires on wood. I contacted Michelin and discussed the situation with them. They recommended that I take my RV to another Michelin Advantage dealer, TCI Tires in Tucson, where they examined the tires and found only (1) needed replacing. There was some minor weather checking on the front drivers side which they recommended be moved to the rear. I decided to replace both tires in question. TCI worked directly with Michelin and were able to get me 90% warranty on both tires. Michelin asked that both tires be sent to them for further inspection. When I called Mark, at Purcell's, and explained that no one agreed with his recommendation, he insisted that he was right and everyone else was wrong. In closing I would suggest to all members to not react to the first recommendation but get at least one more. For all those in the Tucson area, I would strongly recommend visiting TCI Tires for Michelin Advantage needs.
  3. HI folks, my wife, Carol, retired in March and now we are planning some longer trips around the country. I want to get back to fishing and since we can't tow a boat, I am asking if anyone has a favorite boat or method of carrying one. We put a heavy duty rack on top of the Wrangler and planned to get another Gheenoe the next time we are in Florida. Now I'm taking a second look at inflatables or folding boat. There are too many choices out there and I hope to hear from someone who has one. I want something that can take a regular motor under 10hp. We only stay 3-4 days when we stop so it has to be easy to set up and take down.
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