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  1. Eudora


    Photos from AK trip
  2. The female contingent LOVEs the dishwasher, but never uses it!!! Purely a selling point. We travel 4-5 months a year, love to cook, but virtually never use the DW, but the Washer/Dryer get used all the time. I'm contemplating removing the DW and keeping it to reinstall when we're ready to sell!
  3. Many thanks for the info. Can you send me the latest contact info for Brannon? Most appreciated.
  4. Talked to the Summit people. After a runaround by the tech service rep he switched me to his manager who told me "that's just the way they work". Obviously unacceptable so I guess I'll just have to deal with it through Tiffin. For all of you, don't accept one of these units 9Summit SINC 2220) unless you just want to boil water or burn rice!! And please disregard if you're just not into cooking anything.
  5. I know how other induction cooktops work! We've used a Bosch for the past 6 years at home with superb results. It's the Summit that we have the problem with. Thanks.
  6. We got a Summit induction cooktop with our new Phaeton 36. On the lowest setting (#1) it simmers. On #2 and above thru #8 is simply burns. A joke for cooking. Can't even make rice! And we do use top quality induction cookware! Has anyone replaced this unit with another? If so, which one and how does it perform?
  7. I use Collinite Fleetwax. It performed beautifully on my boat here in the wicked SC sun and holds up beautifully on the MH. Get it online since it is tough to find.
  8. We had a 2011 Winnebago View and put 40K miles on it before going to something bigger last year. The View was superb in every respect. The only mechanical failure/problem we experienced was the frequent replacing of burnt-out headlight bulbs until I figured out that I shouldn't buy them from NAPA! Our trips included a 4 month, 17,000 mile jaunt to Alaska too. EMail me for more info if you have questions.
  9. Just came back from a 6920 mile upper Midwest/western swing in our 2012 Breeze 32. We keep meticulous mileage records and got 9.56 mpg over the entire trip while towing a Jeep Wrangler. Beware of many mpg reports as people either don't know how to calculate this, or just do it for a couple of fill-ups which lead to wide reported mpg variations.
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