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    grand-kids, retirement, solar panels, travelling with my wife in our motor home.
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  1. Garykd, I tried calling the campground to ask this question but they are closed for the winter. The wife and I are trying to schedule a multi-point trip through New England starting with Gettysburg PA, then to New York, then Plymouth MA, then to Maine and Nova Scotia. While planning days to be where I need to know if the Bus Tour you mentioned runs every day, or just weekdays, or specific days of the week. I realize this post is several years old, but was wondering if you have any insight you could offer while we try to nail down dates for our trip. Thanks in advance Wayne Burgett . Alabama
  2. I have a related question, and this is the closest post I can find to ask. Is it possible to replace just the alumaguard wrap/cover of an awning? I have searched until Google had no more places to look ;-). The situation is that we side-swiped a power pole while making a very sharp turn at an intersection into a single lane of traffic with on-coming traffic. I didn't think I touched the pole, but the alumaguard damage says I did. I am hoping to not replace the entire awning but just the alumaguard cover. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Wayne 447252
  3. Your original post was in 2014, we are planning a similar adventure in 2016. Just got back from a tour from Alabama to South Dakota, Washington state, Yosemite, Monument Valley and back to Alabama. We are now planning our 2016 trip for June - July from North Alabama to Nova Scotia. Driving a 41' Newmar and towing a Civic. Any of your experiences, must see, and caution advice would be much appreciated. We plan to setup in Hershey PA and drive the Civic to several areas like Gettysburg, and Pennsylvania Dutch farmlands. We also want to see NY City, and Plymouth MA areas for historical site seeing. Thanks for any input...... Happy Camping.
  4. wayneburgett


    Natural wildlife at the Guntersville Lake State Park in Alabama
  5. Wow! Appreciate the quick response and valuable input Elkhartjim. Thank you very much. We will take your advice.
  6. Hi All, First post and first big trip in newly acquired Newmar. We are looking for tips on where to stay. We previously used KOAs and National Park campgrounds when we were using our tow behind trailer. We are members of KOA and Good Sams as well as FMCA. Now that we have a large diesel pusher I was wondering if I could get advise, or experienced input on where to stay at Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, and Yosemite. Also doing google maps and mapquest doesn't give much insight into elevations, road widths, and bridge heights. I will be towing a Honda civic and get a little nervous driving through large cities during rush hour. Any thoughts, comments, and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wayne
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