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    2016 Jayco Redhawk 26XD. 2 Slides, purchased used in 2017. Sold the Class A.
    Four Winds Hurricane, 2006, no slides, purchased used in 2014. Traveled 10,200 mi (3.5 mos) from FL to Maine, Canada, Montana, SD, Ark to home in 2015. I traveled with a rack holding 2 scooters that we used in the parks. Wonderful adventure!
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  1. aldfmca

    Type C Cab-over Bunk

    Thank you all for replying. You are right, I am going to rearrange my "stuff" to put the heavy items below in compartments and just keep light items on the bunk. Somehow I have to get a scale to weigh all that "stuff" and find out how much it really weighs. Again, thanks for helping me find the right solution. Al
  2. aldfmca

    Type C Cab-over Bunk

    I have a 2016 Jayco Redhawk 26XD. I bought it used 9 months ago and read that the cab-over bunk could handle 750lbs. So, there being just 2 of us, I have loaded a little less than 150 lbs with storage containers up there and have taken several trips like that. Today I noticed a tag beside the bunk that said the 750lbs was for only when the RV was not moving. I called Jayco and their rep told me that it might be too dangerous to carry 150lbs up there when it was moving. If I cannot carry a load up there I will have to sell the RV and stop RVing. Can someone please tell me if they carry a load on that bed area and how much they carry? Any other thoughts? How much do you think I can carry safely? Thanks, Al
  3. aldfmca

    Camping Without A Toad

    I am going to downsize from a 32' Class A to a small (24' to 27') Class C with one or two slides. We are not full-timers. We make some short trips and usually spend one 2 month time period camped during the year. I have never pulled a toad and do not want to do it now. We have always driven the car separately or driven scooters. Anybody have any comments or recommendations on: What is the longest RV can I get & still be comfortable driving it around town, such as going to grocery store or a museum? This will force me to disconnect every time we want to go somewhere (we are not the type to just sit and relax). I don't think this would be a problem, but my partner has already expressed some doubts. She is responsible for getting the inside ready, while I am responsible for the outside. Any thoughts about this? I don't know what else to ask, so if you have some experience you can share I would appreciate it. Thanks, Al
  4. aldfmca


    We are going on a 4-month trip from Florida to Maine, Vermont, New York, Canada, Montana, South Dakota, etc. We would like to start a blog to record our daily activities and photos so our families and friends can follow along our trip. Which is the best web site to go to blog? Are there any good free ones? Any suggestions will help because we have never done anything like this before. In fact, I probably don't know what the questions are that I should be asking. Thanks, Al