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  2. I couldn't figure out the Skype thing and geeksquad said my flash isn't the right version so I used dslreports.com for a speed test and I made screenshots of my results. It won't let me attach more than 1 screenshot to this post. I ran the test 5 times both inside and outside my camper. My speeds are hovering at 30mbps. I closed any open programs on my phone but we have other devices like our pc's, 3 tv's and 4 camera's still connected to the wifi. I don't know how to disconnect them and I don't know if they will mess with the speed test. My guess is they do because we can view the cameras remotely using our phones so I'm assuming they always stay online. I can try the test again later in a different area and I'll call my guy to see how much the streaming cameras affect the test.
  3. I wasn't trying to offend anyone, I was just sharing our experience with mobile internet. I'll clarify my setup, it's a MaxxFi router running on an At&t unlimited data plan and it's fast. I apologize if I sounded spammy but I wanted to share my experience and setup with mobile data, which is what I thought this post was for..
  4. Hands down MaxxFi is the way to go. Best service we've had! We tried the mifi with Verizon and At&t and using the hotspot feature on our phones. Nothing could stream multiple Netflix movies but we can now! We've had the service for about 6 months and we love it. It slowed down a little in Colorado but we were still able to stream 2 movies at once with no issues.
  5. We purchased MaxxFi for our coach and its the best internet service we've had. We stream Netflix on 3 tvs at the same time as using the WiFi for the normal stuff without issue. They're a little more expensive to initially purchase the hardware compared to something like a mifi, but it is a lot faster and I get the luxury of it being hard wired in so I never worry about batteries or losing it. We have the external antenna and are on the unlimited plan they offer. The service was a little slower when we came through Colorado but we were still able to stream the netflix movies while using other devices without any issues. No biggie, especially since that's the only hiccup we've noticed. Here's their website if you want to check them out www.MaxxFi.com
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