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  1. Thanks everyone for the info. My coach battery switch is marked connect and disconnect. I think disconnect turns the power off but now I am confused. Either way, before I leave the coach parked I turn the light switch on just to check the switch and if the lights don't go on, then I know the switch is set correctly.
  2. Wolfe 10, Will items still draw the coach power with the disconnect switch ON and will that draw from the coach normally draw power from the engine battery too?
  3. I drive a 2004 Damon Challenger 34 foot, gas class A. After driving home from AZ with no problems, I parked the rig for 3 weeks. Now, both the 2 coach and 1 engine batteries are death. I often park the unit for 6 to 8 weeks and have never had a problem with the battery power. Also, I had the battery disconnect switch on so not sure how anything could be drawing power. I have not yet tried to jump the engine battery or checked the batteries water level. The batteries were checked and water levels ok in January. Any suggestions before I go looking for the problem?
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