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  1. We are living at the moment full time in our RV and are In Carlisle PA About every 3-4 weeks we take our unit out for fuel and if appropriate a wash job. Today, attempting to get the unit ready to take out, I discovered the canopy that comes out with the slide had ice on it, about 1 in thick in the middle where it had troughed and it was impossible to retract the sides. Had to get an extension ladder and it took about an hour to clear the 3 slide canopies. Given we’re going to be here for a few months this is bound to occur again and I’m looking for suggestions on how to avoid having water / snow get on top of the canopy and sit there.
  2. We are staying in our RV over the winter in Carlisle PA, running the Aqua-Hot heater since we’re in a cold climate. Have opened as many doors as possible and yet it’s still there; not getting worse as far as I can tell, but still there nonetheless.
  3. Have a 2014 Itasca Ellips and am in PA for the winter. I’m experiencing condensation in the cabinets that are in the slide outs and am looking for solutions. Any suggestions are welcome.
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