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  1. Very doubtful but the only way to know for sure is to go to the owners manual under recreational or four down towing. 8
  2. Just install a battery cutoff switch on the negative cable. Easy as pie.
  3. We went to the Tiffin Rally in Columbus, IN last month and Bob was there, every day, all day. 8
  4. Yes the Focus automatic is towable. However, when I was looking for a toad, my dealer contacted all the major tow bar companies and none of them had designed the base plate as the front end of the Focus had been changed. As a result, I found a new 2014 and it tows very easily. You should always check the owners manual for the car you are planning to tow and it will tell you if it is possible and the procedures to follow if it is. Maybe they now have a base plate so you could go with the 2015. Many automatics are towable. Most all jeeps and many Fords as well as many GM products. Ron
  5. I like the tow mode just for the braking help. This is a 24000# chassis for a Tiffin motor home.
  6. First time towing toad I pushed the Tow button on the gearshift (2015 Ford 24k, V-10) and entered that mode. The other day I took the MH to the dealer without the toad and could not disengage the tow mode. There is no give in the button like it is jammed. At the same time the cruise control would not come on. No light - nothing. Checked the manual and the closest thing I could find was fuse 18, a 20 amp wide fuse that controlled tow haul and transmission. Pulled the fuse and it tested OK. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks for the info. I could not find a mfg that had designed a base plate for the the 2015 so I found a new 2014 and saved over $6,000. On my car the negative cable attaches to the frame to the right of the battery in plain view and easily accessible. I plan to have a disconnect switch in that location. I really like this little car. Since I have all the electronic options I may see if those circuits can be direct wired to the battery so they will not lose their power source. 8
  8. Wbill, Just heard from Ford and the auto trans clutches are electric. If they have power and inadvertently engage it will burn up the trans. I have heard the radio settings will not be affected but the clock will need to be reset. Think I will test that one. 8
  9. I would like to install a camera to monitor my dogs when we are out of the motorhome. We use Apple products with a Verizon hotspot. Any suggestions for this equipment? 8
  10. Just purchased an Allegro 32SA and now have purchased the Focus for a toad. Manual states that the battery must be disconnected. Will install a switch but will that wipe out the clock and electronic settings such as Bluetooth, etc? What about the lights. Can I rewire these to battery direct and charge the battery from the coach? My first post so be gentle! 8
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