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  1. Do all SilverLeaf systems do this? I have it also.
  2. You have a valid point, "that the sudden blowout leaves a no win situation". I am trying to monitor the wear factor and slow leaks that creep up on you in both the RV and toad which I would prefer not to have turn into a failed tire. We have brand new tires on now and hope to gain many miles on them. And not to mention the fact of fuel savings is a nice way of re-cooping monies spent. I think that $820 is a small price to pay for maximizing family safety. But I don't think it to be the pressure checks scenario as it would be those times when weather for one would make that task a bit bitter.
  3. Just got my TPMS in the mail today great deal from supplier in AZ; $820.00 out the door including shipping. Setup is for RV & toad. Disregard the black item in the top left that is my wifi....
  4. Good idea, I actually used that for a leaky water connection on a RV toilet which no one had a replacement for but it never leaked again. Has anyone done the charging system swap to AGM?
  5. Thanks Rich, saves me for chasing it in the motorhome. Thanks everyone, sorry to hijack the thread.
  6. Okay, took a little while to find it in the RV but this is it; RV2012
  7. Hey Rich, I will have to get back with that info and wolfe10 not sure if the manual came with the coach when we purchased it but I will look also.
  8. Thanks, that gives me a better understanding as to purchasing guidelines.
  9. Is this procedure fairly moderate to do? Cause I really hate messing with programing electrical configurations.
  10. Is there any particular brand of battery to stay away from got quoted on some Centennials, a starter 8D and 2 DC 8D's (not AGM) installed with solar 20W charger $1300 and change.
  11. Nice, I know a guy that has the match to yours, awesome rigs.
  12. Looks great, now that is my kind of coach
  13. Okay gottca, I found a interesting read while chasing down battery dealers. Not sure if it pertains to larger RV's? Batteries101.pdf
  14. I appreciate all the reply's and appears my work is still cut out for me as to what replacement brand I should get. I guess I should stay with the setup I have (8D) just to simplify installation, but I will make sure of the deep cycle type for the house. Thanks guys and (wolfe10) I'm not sure I follow the notation of the connection error this is from the original owner setup. It looks to me like they are in parallel I'm guessing.
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