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  1. Thank you to all that have replied with great information! Thanks Jim, for the flow chart. Its been helpful, but having a hard time finding where the circuits, fuses and relays are! Again, I have narrowed it down to no power to the four circuit breakers in the battery compartment that control ECU,VIN and others. I assume that this is what powers up the shifter panel. So somewhere before it gets to those circuit breakers I'm not getting any power! I also have had problems with the house battery switch.. Before the problem of no power.! Received the second switch today.. Does anyone have the schematics for a 6 pole DC momentary rocker switch - that operates the house batteries solenoid? What I had before was an on/off/ switch and the wiring connections are not the same. I talked to local Freightliner service but they don't handle Roadmaster chassis. I keep thinking it is a fuse somewhere that I can't find. I don't know what to do at this point. Thanks, Jim
  2. I have called Monaco, they referred me to Allision - regarding starting problem ..also they referred me to Cat. No help from any of them. I live in Mission, Tx and no service available from either Allisson or Cat. I found 4 fuses on the sidewall of the battery dept., fuses were all good. All my hot wires on battery are all reading over 12v. Question: when I try to put a OHM meter on the starter wire - it reads zero.. (Not reading any power there) Should It be reading 12v ? Since I have a Roadmaster chassis, I was told me to call Freightliner, But they don't handle Roadmaster! Not sure where to go from here? I have a feeling it is something very simple I am missing, a fuse,or wire etc. Also, I remember the shifting panel was always hot ( to touch ), while we were 8 months on the road but no problem. I have only owned the 2003 safari cheetah for 1 year - and am totally new at all this! Appreciate all the help. Jim
  3. Brett, Thank You! Solved the problem of AC power by resetting the generator and inverter breakers. Our problem at this point is the shift panel not going on and not being able to start ignition. The electronic box under the shift pad ..does that control the power to the shift pad? Thanks again for your help.
  4. Brett...update!! Now..with the generator going, no AC voltage in the coach. Also, with generator off and shore power on, still no AC voltage. Replaced DC house latching solenoid (still waiting for new switch to arrive) but when I jump across the latching solenoid I get DC voltage in the coach . Problem still, starter won't engage, no clicking or etc. and after rechecking sift selector, No lights come on. Batteries are charged, checked all circuit breakers and battery connections.. Driving me crazy!! If the shift pad is not working would that cause the starter not to work? thanks.. Jim
  5. Wolfe 10, The Allison shift pad does not illuminate, unless I put the lights on. The dash fan does work and The jack leveler light works on the panel. The chassis battery voltage is over 13volts.
  6. Hi, I have a 2003 Safari Cheetah with Caterpillar 330 Engine. I had a problem with the house battery cutoff switch, and the house battery solenoid was replaced. Ordered new switch from Monaco, they sent wrong switch, new correct switch is on the way! In the meantime, now, engine will not turn over, panel lights go on.(except engine heater light.) Also, leveling lights are on. I have checked all fuses, batteries are fully charged, electrolyte is checked, Starter won't crank at all..this all happened after working on the house battery cutoff switch and solenoid was replaced? Is there starter relay or solenoid to check? The wires to the house battery switch are not connected - waiting for the new switch . Need Help!
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