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  1. I asked for a quote but was turned down because I live in California, so you might have to go elsewhere for extend warranty insurance,
  2. Hi There, With RVtripwizard you can change/choose your route by enabling Drag like on google maps. No GPS is required but it allows you to download your route itinerary if you do have one. I like the program and I will be using it to plan our California - Yellowstone trip next year. Hope that helps Richard
  3. I have been using RV trip wizard and have been happy with it. Info on it can be found here : https://www.rvtripwizard.com/ Hope that helps, Richard
  4. I use RV Trip Wizard, it is not free but it works very well. http://www.rvtripwizard.com/ Hope that helps Richard
  5. I just replaced the BatWing Antenna on my MH with a King Jack OA8200 antenna. This antenna works very well and it is only 12 inches high, you never have to crank the antenna up or down plus it has a signal strength meter to help find the best tv tower signal. We went to an RV Show in Sacramento last Friday and I noticed that most of the motorhomes have the King Jack as the standard antenna. Hope that helps. Richard Magalia, CA
  6. Hi all, Me again... Thanks for the reviews! I went ahead and ordered the Super Wifi 3 with the Hotspot Repeater and got it last week. I took it out to my MH to do a preliminary test. after closely following the instructions, I was able to connect to my home with just the antenna and I had 2 Bars showing. After firing up the hotspot repeater the signal went full scale! I then tried it with my Amazon Fire Stick and was able to stream a few youtube videos and movie content. Of course streaming at an rv park might not always be possible with their old wifi systems. I was able to connect my iPhone and Kindle Fire HD to the internet with no problem. I can not wait to hit the road in our MH to give it the real test. Richard Smith Magalia, CA
  7. Better yet, Video tape the walk through and ask lots of questions Richard Smith
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone out there has tried the C. Crane Super WiFi Repeater Kit and if so, how did it work out for you? http://www.ccrane.com/WiFi/Super-WiFi-Repeater-Kit Richard Smith Magalia, CA __________________ 2001 National Surf Side 3311, Ford F-53 Chassis, 2013 Honda CR-V, Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain Tow bar. Magalia, CA
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