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  1. Am I to much of a cheapskate? The price of the new FMCA Road Atlas is responsible, it's the shipping I find ridiculous. Ok if you’re traveling and need it in a couple days $11.70 would be fine. I wonder how many folks are going to pay $116 for next day air? Guess if you’re driving a 2 million dollar motorhome you might. But for normal folks not going anywhere for a couple weeks $11.70 is an unnecessary expense. Why no 7 to 10 day shipping?
  2. I just received my FLAT TOW OWNER ADDEMDUM CARD notice from Chrysler, a couple days ago. It's about as clear as mud, I had to get on the Jeep Cherokee forum to find out what the problem is. My dealership, Dave Smith Jeep Chrysler, supposedly the worlds larges Dodge dealership. No on in the dealer's service depart know what I as talking about. They claim they haven't been notified yet. No wonder Chrysler has been in bankruptcy twice and Mercedes dumped them. I agree 100% with mccart15, I to select the Cherokee because I wouldn't have to go through any monkey motion to tow it. Now that's no longer true. To add insult to injury, I was told my FCA that I'd have to pay for this repair. Unhappy Jeep owner!
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