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  1. Thanks for updating that information! I just signed up for the FMCA Roadside Assistance based on the information you provided in your response to my post. After signing up and paying the fee, I received the contact. When I read thru the "Contract", it specifically says "Tire Changes: with your inflated spare." Ugh! I left a message at the number provided on the website. Hopefully, they will send me an "updated" contract to say " mobile tire service is provided if a spare is not available". As far as adding a spare tire to my RV, neither of my "garages" will fit one.
  2. I would love to purchase FMCA's Road Assist Program but " Service is provided to change the tire with customer’s inflated spare." My RV does NOT have a spare tire.
  3. We purchased a Thor Chateau 26A. While not the "Super C", we have had similar problems. The first year of ownership, it was in for "Warranty Repairs" for 245 days! There is NO quality of construction in this RV. We also have had problems with the refrigerator, air conditioner, screws falling out, drawers that no longer stay shut, shower door handle that continues to break and comes off of the door track, storage areas leaking, no heat in the bathroom or dinette areas, water leaks--including the Fresh Water Tank that had to be replaced, 6 radios had to be replaced--took the Ford dealership to finally fix it, House battery, Awnings had to be replaced due to incorrect installation. I could go on and on. Two lessons I have learned: Do not purchase any Thor product Do not purchase any RV from Camping World--I say this because they sell Thor and I purchased mine from them. While they did "fix" most of the Warranty items, it took forever to do so. They "claim" it was because Thor was "slow to respond".
  4. There is a "FMCA 48 Day The Heart of Alaska" Caravan this Summer--unfortunately it appears that they are "Standby Only". If you look under "FMCA Benefits" you can see "Tour Connections". Fantasy RV Tour Company conducts this 48 Day Tour for FMCA Members. We chose the longer "60 Day" Alaska Tour that Fantasy RV has. We decided we wanted the "longer" trip. We will leave home in a little over a month to head to the "rendezvous point" and are pretty excited to say the least! Since I do all of the navigation and planning, I am ecstatic that someone else will be doing the "navigation and planning".
  5. 1. Norma Poudrier 2. US Navy 3. 1974-1996 (22 years, 1 month) 4. MCPO (E-9) / AVCM (AW) 5. Aviation Electrician's Mate / Aviation Maintenance Control 6. NAS Oceana-VF-101 / VF-171 / NAMTRADETS NAS Rota-VQ-2 NAS Brunswick-VP-10 / VP-8 NAS North Island-AIMD Fair Winds and Following Seas to All. Thank you for your Service!
  6. Shop around for the EZ Pass. Each state charges differently for the equipment and some even charge a monthly "fee". You do not have to be a resident of the state that you get the EZ Pass from! I live in NC but my EZ Pass is from Delaware. I only had to pay for the equipment. I go to Maine once a year and that is the only time it is used.
  7. My number one choice is "Allstays Camp & RV". This App has proven to be invaluable for us. Not only does it list RV Parks but also other helpful places like Walmarts, Low Clearances, Rest Areas, RV Businesses, Cracker Barrels, Bass Pro, Sam's Club, Truck Stops, Military Campgrounds, RV Dump Stations, etc. And many other listings. When you select a Campground, a new "window" will open, there you will see phone number, website (if they have one), Reviews, Description of the Campground, GPS location, etc. You are also able to obtain directions via Apple Map or Google Map for the Campground.
  8. After reading all of the responses to your post, I felt I needed to tell you about our experiences with towing a 2011 Jeep Wrangler. Our Jeep is the 2-door Sport edition. We have the Original Soft Top on the Jeep and we tow it with the top "up". We have towed it over 25,000 miles. Up and down the East Coast (Florida to Maine), North Carolina to Arizona via Louisiana (I-10) as well as North Carolina to Arizona via I-20/I-40. We have driven in all sorts of weather but have avoided SNOW. We have towed it in very windy conditions where we felt the RV moving but NOT the Jeep. We hardly know that the Jeep is behind us! The first RV we towed it with was a 2010 Coachmen Freelander (25 feet long) and now tow it behind a 2014 Thor Chateau (28 feet long). The Towing System we use is the RoadMaster Invisibrake---all we have to do is hook up the towbars and the cables and off we go. Our Jeep not an automatic but a "standard" transmission. I would not tow the Jeep with the top down for two reasons: Unforeseen weather (rain or sand storms) and we carry our small cooler in the back of the Jeep (wouldn't want to lose the cooler!).
  9. We prefer the Class C and tow a vehicle. Reasons? We don't own a truck. Accessability to the RV---get out of the front seat and you are in it. Three doors to use for getting in/out of the RV As was said earlier--quick and easy to "set-up" or "take-down" camp.
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