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  1. I know this thread is a month old... and the OP has not returned. But Winnebago/Itasca does use NAPA AGM 12v Commercial Deep Cycle batteries for HOUSE batteries. They generally use FLA batteries for their CHASSIS battery. So, I'd guess the OP was indeed talking about his house batteries. The stock WBGO Class A house battery is the NAPA Commercial AGM 9837 Deep Cycle batteries. It's made by Eastern Penn. They retail for $325 or so each. They are a pretty good deep cycle battery. My Winnebago came with 4 of them because I have a residential fridge. If you have the RV fridge you only get two - in my Adventurer model, at least. I have 4-years on mine and they are still holding strong. For AGM replacements I'd look at: FullRiver and Interstate - both are in the similar price range. Victron makes a 110ah Group 31 that sells for $280. A cheaper brand that has good reviews is the Renergy AGM at around $200 each. It's hard to spend $350 each for four AGMs when you can buy 300ah of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries now nearly the same price as 400ah of AGMs.
  2. We had a Sprint MiFi device for a while and found it useless in most remote places. It worked fine in the cities, but we don't usually camp in the city. We carry both Verizon and ATT MiFis now. We use the one with the best signal - usually the Verizon. But not always. We're going to a fairly remote TX State Park next week that works well with the ATT MiFi and has no signal at all on Verizon.
  3. I'm wrong. I just checked the FMCA Mag for July and it does say it is flat towable.
  4. The owners manual is non-committal. If I remember correctly, FMCA's mag said something like, if it's based on the Fit then maybe it too will be flat towable with a manual transmission. I posted a Tweet to Honda USA and got this response:
  5. It's not a CR-V but the brand new HR-V is built on the Honda Fit platform and like the Fit it is available with a manual transmission. The odd thing is there is no word on whether you can tow the HR-V with a standard transmission with all four down like you can the Fit. Seems like if you can tow a manual transmission Honda Fit all 4 down and the HR-V is made on the Fit chasis that you should be able to flat tow a manual transmission all for down as well. I just checked today, and I didn't find anyone making a baseplate for the HR-V. It's a great looking little compact SUV - sure wish this would get settled soon.
  6. We're working with a dealer to purchase a brand new Mini Cooper Hardtop 4-door with 6-speed manual trans to tow behind our new Class C. While the manual says no the thousands of folks already doing it say Yes to me. Plus, Blue Ox even has a new baseplate just for the 2015 Hardtop model. Here's an email I received from Blue Ox just the other day:
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