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  1. Twillingate Newfoundland, and Lunenburg Nova Scotia hosts the finest music festivals we have had the pleasure of attending. We definitely will go back!
  2. I loved the trip and enjoyed all of this thread. One thing that has not been covered is a side trip to Pt. Barrow. It is absolutey a must, and plan on spending three days there. It is worth every moment!
  3. Have a 2011 E-450 that rides really rough. I put Bilstein shock absorbers (Comfort Rides on the front and HD's on the rear) and recently put parabolic springs on the rear. It has helped measurably, but still rides very rough compared to the 2008 e-350 I had before. Also put heavy duty Roadmaster sway bars on front and rear and IDP steering stabilizer. They did help control but not ride. Anybody out there facing the same issue?
  4. I use ATT to tether. Service is wonderful. Unlimited access and no useage charge. Flat fee of $30.00 per month. Couldn't be happier and much more secure that WiFi in camp areas. Jay
  5. Thanks to all for inputs. I will study the RNnavigation closely, and then close my eyes and buy one. There just does not seem to be anywhere to get good evaluative information on the combination units. Thanks again. J
  6. Driving a 22" Born Free with a E-350 Chassis and Triton Gas V-10 engine, no toad. I appreciate your interest, and if you discover sosmething that clarifies the potentials, write, I will do the same. Thanks for responding. Jay
  7. Next fall we will be in Twillingate Newfoundland, and we are interested in taking the ferry to Goose Bay Labrador, and traveling by road to Labrador City and then south to Baie-Comeau. From there one can follow the North cost of the St Lawrence down to Montreal. The road from Goose Bay to Baie-Comeau is "gravel". Has anybody driven this route? Would appreciate first hand information if available. Contact through this forum or directly to ClarkJay@msn.com We are driving a 22' Born Free on a 2008 E-350 with Titan V-10 engine. Thanks for any input you may have.
  8. We are going to Nova Scotia and from there to Newfoundland via ferry. Would like to take the ferry down the north shore of the St. Lawrence Seaway until we encounter a road that is continous and wend our way to Montreal. Has anybody done this? How did it go? Appreciate feedback.
  9. I always learn something when I read this site! Only occasionally do I have anything to say or ask, but felt compelled to enter in here. We purchased our first R V in 1995 and our second new one in 2008. Our reason for having an R V is to avoid the requirement for planning our trips! We are "Oh, lets stop and see that....." or "I didn't know this area was so beautiful, let's stop...." kind of people, so planning a trip is counter to our processes. Further, I abhor campgrounds, both the expense and the trouble of finding one and checking in. Our current R V has 23,000 miles and while on the road it has only been overnight hooked up to shore power once, and never hooked up overnight to sewer and water. Why do I mention it? It seems to me that if one plans these trips to the nth degree, the loss of spontaneity is enormous. I recognize that if a trip to Alaska or such is on the table, that some planning is necessary, but try just being loose for a while and you may find that it opens a whole new kind of enjoyment for you. State parks, National parks, City Parks, Walmarts, rest areas on major interstates and many other venues offer a host of overnight opportunities. It is granted if one is doing a " Go to one spot and stay for an extended period type of trip", then campground selection may be critical. Each to their own! Happy highways to all.
  10. I am still looking for a single in-dash unit that has radio am/fm/satellite, gps, cd, rear camera and bluetooth. Asked for input from anyone on the Alpine 203/P1 unit and received no feedback. Does anybody have experience with Kenwood or Pioneer units with same functions? Going into a 2008 Ford 350 Motor Home by Born Free. Thanks
  11. Is it (and if so where?) legal to stay at interstate rest areas overnight? By the way, semi rigs do it every night, all night; is it legal for them and not for RVers?
  12. Sorry for late response, have been traveling on the rv path. We stayed in small out of the way motels in AU and NZ. By the way, NZ is fabulous. In several trips have done the entire country from north tip of north island to south tip of south island. Cook glacier and inlets area, Queenstown, Inverness, Dunedin and entire east coast of south island is best if limited in time. A beautiful country. Tasmania is also a great visit. On mainland, would pick Freemantle (Koala sight hunting in Eucalyptus (SP?) forests), Ayers Rock and Olgas, Coober Pedy, Canberra and Melbourne in that order. But you can't go wrong anywhere doing anything. Enjoy.
  13. Well, the Alpine 203/P1 is out. Alpine has some out of normal feedback from users that bothered me, and they were unable or unwilling to tell me when the 2009 NavTeq software would be available and how much it would cost, so I am going on to another unit. I want satellite radio, a back up camera and a GPS capability. The best consilidated unit seems be the Kenwood DNX9140. It uses Garmin's gps which also uses NavTeq but the seem to be a little more knowledgeable about what they will do with the new software in 2009 fall. It is pricey but by the time I put in a GPS, Backup Camera, and satellite radio separately the money is about the same. SO, has anybody any experience with Kenwood Audio or this unit? Would appreciate feedback. Thanks, Jay
  14. Sorry for bad typing and even poorer editing. The Alpine unit model number I am studying is W203/P1. Thanks all~
  15. I am considering the Alpine QW203/P1 multifuntional dash unit (Satellite radio, AM/FM, CD, DVD, GPS, backup camera) just to get the backup camera. Anybody know this in-dash, all-in-one navigation/audio/video system?
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