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  1. We already have Geico and nobody could beat their price.
  2. If we belong to FMCA, does that allow us to use Sam's Clubs for no additional cost?
  3. If you have a gun permit and must travel through a state that does not recognize gun permits, how do you handle that if stopped? I have a concealed gun permit and would like to go to New York State, but they do not allow guns.
  4. We have had 24' to 28' motorhomes and have never used a toad. Currently we have a 28' Coach House and can go practically anywhere. Sometimes in cities, we have to park and find a trolley, bus, etc. That way we both can enjoy the scenery. Parking in parking lots has never been a problem - we usually near the back to we have plenty of space.
  5. In our 2013 262xl Coach House, we have a problem with water pressure when not hooked up to city water. The toilet rinser worked when new, but now we have no water flow. Even when hooked up to city water, it does not flow. Any suggestions?
  6. We are on our third high-end Class B Coach House motor home.. We have made two trips from AL out West for three weeks at a time. Most of our trips are a week or so and we really appreciate that we can use the Coach like a car in 90% of the places we have been. We've been from slide-ins to a 27' Winnebago and the outstanding features and products that Coach House uses just make this the best for us. But we have good friends who have a 42 footer and pull a 20' trailer. You couldn't get me in that driver sear, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Yea Class B's. Conni & JT
  7. When we use our hot water, we get a funny smell. It only happens when we use the hot water. We have drained and refilled the hot water tank and get the same result. Any suggestions?
  8. Does MapQuest and GoodSam take into account time changes - ex from AL to PA. It is really 16.5 hours actual driving time because we lose one hour) or 15.5 hours? Thanks.
  9. Would appreciate comments on the Outer Banks - ferries, campgrounds, restaurants. We are heading there from near Birmingham AL. I do know to take lots of mosquito repellant!
  10. Yes, all codes were cleared. All other gauges read fine.
  11. connitaylor

    Lost Power

    We have a 2010 Coach House motor home with a Mercedes engine on a Freightliner chasis with approximately 10,000 miles on it. While in WY, we were doing 75 MPH and all of a sudden lost most of our power. Could not get above 60 with the pedal to the floor. No warning lights came on from the computer in the steering wheel. We pulled over and stopped for about 5 minutes. When we restarted, we had full power again. We were fine for about another 500 miles when the same thing happened again. Apparently, the system clears itself, but makes us nervous not knowing why or when it might happen again. Second question---We were on some very bumpy roads (interstate and side roads) and used the brakes more than usual. After one hard braking, the ESP light came on telling us something was wrong with the brakes (ABS light). Since there are few Freightliner dealers in WY, we stayed the night in an RV park and the next day went to Casper WY to the Fremont Dealership where they cleared the brake history in the computer and could find nothing else wrong. Back on the road again. We spoke with Freightliner directly and neither they nor other dealers we spoke with could find a solution to the lost power problem. Once the ESP light cleared itself, we have not had another problem. But the lost power made us cut our trip short and head home. Any ideas for either of these problems? Thanks
  12. That same site shows a Sun Road Shuttle. May solve my problem. Runs from July 1st to Sept 2nd.
  13. From looking at a map, guess we will have to skip the road through. The only other one I see is around and, hopefully, it will be almost as scenic. Thanks for the help.
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