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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies. dons2346, that is what I needed to know. wayne77590, I use the guide as a starting point, then look at each manual for the vehicle that I am interested in. Again thank you all.
  2. Does anyone know if FMCA is going to publish a towing guide for this year? It is normally in the Jan edition of the magazine. It was not in it this month. I was really looking forward to it this year as we are looking to buy a TOAD this year. I am tired of using a tow dolly.
  3. Toney28 We have a 2014 Fleetwood Storm 28SF. 0utside of a few minor problems, fixed by the dealer right away, we love the coach. We also bought it because of the floor plan. We do not have 10000 miles on it yet but it has been great. Hope this takes some of the scare out. As other people have said, you only here about the folks that have been having problems. So I just thought I would let all know that not all storms have problems, good ones are out there.
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