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  1. We purchased some stacking Nesting storage containers, collapsable collander and dish rack. Packed paper and plastic dishes and silverware for boon docking. Purchased plastic cups and stemware. Try not to lug too much around. Pack less clothes, especially if your at a full hook up where you can use washer and dryer. If near shopping center, bring recipes and buy fresh, less weight in RV. They also say go with empty tanks and do not fill up the water tank if going to full hook up. Leave a little in there if you need to use toilet. Bring less than more is rule. You'll learn. I added a small crock pot for long trips so dinner would cook while we drive and a blender.
  2. We are first timers and have had our all electric coach for a year and a half. I was concerned with having to use propane to heat the coach and cook with so we opted for an all electric coach. I had them put in an induction cook top to replace the all electric one. We have the oasis heating system, which works well for the four of us to take showers and keep warm. When we boondocks, we run the generator for the ac and to charge the batteries. I would like to install solar panels, but will have to figure out best system for us first.
  3. Thank you for posting your yummy recipes!
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