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  1. I just put 6 Michelins on my 2005 Fleetwood. I have only put A couple hundred miles on them. My cousins own an independent trucking firm with a large number of tractors and trailers. He has had Goodyear but swears by Michelin. When a guys spends thousands of dollars a year on tires I listen. He touted ride, noise and durability of the Michelins. He did say that the Goodyear don't scuff as much but they don't ride or wear as well. The Michelins weren't cheap. $750 each but I don't plan on buying again on this coach. I paid $550 each.
  2. If you end up in Plymouth, MA check out Plymouth Plantation. You can take a whale watch trip out of Plymouth harbor. Great fried seafood at Lobster Hut located within walking distance of the Mayflower. Use your toad to travel in downtown Plymouth or you'll wish you had. Oh yah, Plymouth Rock is a rock. Check out the cemetery on top of the hill above the rock. The settlers that died that first winter are buried there.
  3. I don't know if you should give it fuel or not but I did this weekend. I have a 2005 C7 myself. I'm in Minnesota and I fire up my motor and run the genset for awhile every couple of weeks. It's finally been cool up here and the motor didn't turn over easy this time. She wanted to fire up but kept dying out. I gave it a little fuel after turning it over and it fired up. I nursed it along with a little bit of pedal till it ran smooth. Do you have winter blend fuel in the tanks? The blends of fuel change with the temps. I did find an additive to help with gelling. I got it at O'Rileys.
  4. My wife and I are planning our first major road experience in our new/used Fleetwood Excursion 39S. We want to start off retirement with a trip to see the Grand Canyon and New Mexico. I'm in planning mode, spontenaity doesn't come easy, and I'd welcome ideas and recommendations from veterans of similar trips. We'd welcome your input on everything from sites to see, routes to take, restaurants to try, RV Parks, activities , events and special locations to visit. We are starting out from Minnesota in late spring. My wife and I turn 60 this year so we should be up for most activities. Our coach will be ready to roll and we welcome hearing from everyone that's been there and done that. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Brett, I suspect my speedometer and Tach are right but my memory is flawed (as is my spelling). Thanks for the formulas. I will double check everything before I choose the tires. Thanks for the link to the chassis specs. I need to check the manuals that the previous owner provided with the coach. Everything provided says I have a Spartan Chassis. I will double check the gear ratios and other parameters to calculate what my RPM is at 60 and 65mph. Hopefully, Fleetwood or Spartan can use my VIN number to confirm what I have and tell me what tire sizes (width, height etc...) are good for my rig. I'd prefer not to mess around or get cute when it comes to something as important as the tires. This forum has been very helpful. I suspect I will be back often as I use my coach come this summer. Time to actually retire and enjoy some traveling.
  6. Thanks to erroneous that contributed to my questions. All the input was valuable and drove additional esearch by me on the topic. I am going to replace all 6 tires and go with a taller tire. Before I select the tire size I plan to send Fleetwood for confirmation that the tire size selected is acceptable for my coach. Merry Christmas
  7. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion with Cat C7 turbo Should I replace 11 year old Goodyear tires even though only 40k miles, they've been covered and stored with coach on levelers but not off the ground. Great tread, no cracks but dot code is 3704. Everything I read and word from others is replace no later than ten years old regardless of visual inspection results. What do you think about replacing front tires this year and replace rears in future years? I'm thinking of biting the bullet and replace them Amal at once. I plan to put 11k miles on the tires in 2016. If I do replace them what do you think about going with a larger diameter tire for better mileage at a lower sustained engine rpm? Current tires are Goodyear G670 RV, 275/70R22.5, load range H. Tread 5 plies steel cord, sidewall 1 ply steel cord. Its been suggested to go with a 305 tire. I have a Cat C7 turbo. At 60-65 mph I'm running at ~2100 rpm getting 7.5 to 8.5mpg. Mpg should improve if I can do 60-65mph @1800 rpm. What gotchas should I consider? Any recommendations for tires to consider? A relative owns a large number of semi tractors and trailers. He recommends Michllan, he is not a fan of Goodyear tires. I will appreciate any input on any or all my questions. This is my first year with this beast and looking forward to having a great time.
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