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  1. Sold three thru RVT.com. Good luck and best wishes.
  2. I believe the do hicky attached to the thing a ma jig got hooked on the duu floc ee that makes the whats u ma call it pull the pedal on the wit it is and it looked like it locked up. Is That IT?????
  3. Towing a 2000 Jeep Wrangler myself. You put the transfer case in Neutral and the gear box weather it is a manual or auto IN GEAR. The Manual trans in High gear. That way if something happens and the transfer case does get put in gear you don't hurt engine. IF you put them in Neutral and the transfer case goes in gear you will tear the trans up due to wearing out the inner bearings on the main shaft. If engine is not turning the trans the oil can't get slung around to lube it(main shaft not turning). On a automatic if transfer case goes in gear either way by the time you get her stopped you be in a mess. Just my two cents worth.
  4. We went to Niagara Falls about ten years ago and stayed at the Four Mile Creek Park. BEST state park we have ever stayed at. We are getting ready this coming fall to hit the roads for a year and are planning on staying there again. We didn't have a toad back then and our 32' Allegra was used to get to and from the Falls. They have a great big parking lot on Canada side and a shuttle to and from the falls. Now we have a Dutchstar and a toad to do the exploration. I can't wait to get back on the Maid of the Mist and this time I;m going to get on outer rail and put my hand on the water coming down falls. The Planet Hollywood there was pricey but everything else was reasonable. ENJOY THE FALLS day and night.
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