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  1. Baystar57

    Tire Insurance

    Thanks for the feedback, the tire policy is fairly inexpensive ($69.00) per year so it's not like it is a big risk financially. I want to make sure it I have a problem I can count on someone to bail me out and it sounds like Coach-net may be the answer.
  2. Baystar57

    Tire Insurance

    There is a company called Coach-Net that advertises this type of service so if anyone out there has any experience with them I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  3. Baystar57

    Tire Insurance

    Thanks Bill, I am looking for an insurance plan that covers all cost involved, this one will send a technician out with a tire but i would have to cover parts and labor.
  4. Baystar57

    Tire Insurance

    Can anyone recommend a tire insurance company that actually delivers on advertised promises in the event we should have a tire issue while traveling.
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