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  1. If you set up the sewer hose with a trap in it the sewer gas from the system will not enter the coach. You can leave the gray water valve open with a trap in the hose, I have been using an old block to elevate the hose and form the trap. Works good! Ralphs
  2. Hi again folks, Ralphs here with an item we haven't heard much about, windshield wipers! On our trip home to MD from Montana we visited the UP of Michigan and enjoyed it a lot. As we left and traveled over the Mack bridge we ran into a very heavy wind and rain event, which caused the driver side wiper to depart the coach as it moved all the way to the left and wobbled violently. An examination after the rain stopped showed the blade had ripped off the attachment on the rubber. With no spare left I resorted to Wal Mart and found a great replacement, a Michelin made 28 inch blade which fit the mounting just right and works far better than the $25.00 a piece original blade. The replacement cost just $11.00. I replaced the right side blade, and now carry two additional spares.
  3. Hi once again, Name here is Ralphs; I have been towing my 2014 Jeep Cherokee for 4000+ miles since I had the recommended fix done in Fl.in February. The Jeep tows great! We have crossed many RR tracks and road shoulders and just plain bad roads and the car has never wobbled a single bit!!! The fix works, so get it done if you have a Jeep Cherokee and you will not be sorry. I'm sure Fiat/Chrysler will in corperate the fix in all new Jeeps. The car is a joy to tow and use on or off road. We are currently towing in WY, on our way to MT for the summer and then back to MD and FL. so lots of miles ahead for the JEEP. Safe travels to all.
  4. Ralphs here, I have had the harness installed and have towed 1400 miles since with out a wobble. Prior to the installation while towing to MT the wobble happened seven times, fortunately at slower speeds. FMCA was the collector of the info that was used to notify F/C. When F/C got the info they were not long in generating a fix, and working with them was easy. I just received a call back a day ago asking how the fix was working, I'd say that is pretty good customer service! The car does tow very well and is a great car to drive. F/C does do what they say they will, contact them and see for your self. Ralphs
  5. We had the fix installed in Florida in March and have towed 1400 miles since installed and it works!! Not one wobble over some of the worst roads I can remember, every one would have caused the wobble before, but Cherokee follows right with us, and no problems. I hope everyone with the Cherokees will have the fix installed as soon as possible so they can enjoy the Jeep as we are now. It is a great car, tows as it should, thanks to FMCA folks who pressed Chrysler to get the fix.
  6. Hi Folks, Ralphs here again. Has anyone installed or tried to install a recording device to save programs on Direct TV? We have the ability at home but also have two cable installation there. Just curious if any of the electronic wizards out there have an idea on this, thanks.
  7. Hi Folks, Ralphs here, and we do tow a 2014 Jeep Cherokee limited, we use all Blue Ox tow gear and a RVbrake for the car. Every thing we have has been towed for some time, out to Montana last summer and back and forth to FL., and ready to head for Mt again in a month but this time we have the Jeep modified with the wiring harness that controls the steering damper to avoid the wobble that has happened to us seven times. The job was done in Fl. at Palm Chrysler Jeep and took about 3 hrs as they had not done one before. The folks at Fiat Chrysler were very good to work with, always called back, obviously were concerned about getting the problem fixed. I had jumped on the FMCA band wagon, and I am very glad I did as they have done some fine work getting Chrysler involved with the problem. The people at Palm dealership in Punta Gorda Fl. were on board, with contact coming from the service manager to me. My contact at Chrysler never failed to call back and was really good at getting the parts sent to my dealership. Since this mod. was done, I have only towed 450 miles so may have to wait a bit longer to be sure it is working, but I feel quite a bit more secure now when we are towing. The mod comes with one item that is different than the original instruction and that is the need to place a fuse in a holder by the battery before you tow, but after you have done all the standard instructions in the manual. Then when you stop for an overnight you should remove the fuse to avoid battery drain, and then reinstall it before you tow again in the morning. Also an aside is the use of a battery charger powered by the coach to insure the car battery does not go down while towing. I had installed one from RVBrake company while I was towing a Honda CRV, and didn't want to pull fuses every time we started out. Works well and I power it from the tail light feed on the coach plug, as I always run with the lights on for safety. I am grateful to Fiat Chrysler for the way they have handled the problem and to the FMCA for chasing the issue for all the members who do tow these new generation of Jeeps. The car is really nice to drive and is a joy to tow .
  8. Hi I am an FMCA member and have been towing a Cherokee Limited for the past year. I have experienced this problem 7 times and have been able to stop safely every time as it has only ever happened at slow speeds. I suspected the steering damping system was going to be a problem. I was contacted by the representative from Jeep by e-mail just yesterday to get my Vin # which I had not provide to the FMCA blog that has been chasing this problem for some time, thank goodness! He indicated the information would be available very soon. As an aside I use to tow a Honda CRV, and had a dead battery a number of times as it was very hard to get the fuses out that they recommended. I finally purchased a battery charger from RV Brake that I use and the problem stopped. I have that on my Cherokee but have never tried to tow with the auxiliary switch on, to see if that helped the steering. I plan to wait and see what the Jeep people come up with. I love the jeep but it is a worrisome thing when you are towing. Don't need to tow for a while now.
  9. Hi Folks, I have to reply to the forum on towing a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited. After reading all the input from members it finally shows me that I am not alone with problem of a terrible wobble from my Jeep. For the first few times this happened we thought that the front end of the 2014 Tiffin Allegro RED was the problem, but after having it checked over no issues were found with the coach, at the time we had only 5000+/- miles on the coach and had been towing a 2012 CRV with no problems at all. Until I found all this information on this forum I still was not sure if it was the Jeep or the towbar assy, which is a Blue Ox and had been perfect on the Honda. We towed the Jeep to Montana from Maryland in May this year and had the experience two times out and two times coming back, having to completely stop to stop the wobble, but as was noted by someone else in a previous article I was able to see the car rolling side to side in my rear camera the last time it occurred, so it was then apparent that the front wheels were steering back and forth causing the movement to be transmitted to the coach. We do carry two Kayaks on Thule Hullivator racks, and that does add some weight to the car. I briefly thought that might be the cause of the wobble, but many notes here have changed my mind on that. Just this morning I had the 2014 Jeep Limited to the dealership where I purchased it last February, to have some recall programs fixed, and asked if any one knew about this problem. A gentleman who was working there said he had heard about it. I mentioned that I was thinking about changing the tires from Continental Procontacts to Firestone Destinations as they might help the problem. The gentleman said not to do that but to increase the air pressure to 50# in all the tires before towing as that would make the car trac better and stop the rolling, and that Firestone would not support doing that, but Continental would. I have not done that as we haven't towed recently and will not be for some time. The car handles perfectly when driven with never a wobble, but obviously the wobbles have taken a toll on the front tires as they are scuffed badly when this occurs. As I am not a computer expert I'm not sure how to add this to the forum items. My e-mail is degroodtralph@yahoo.com.
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