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  1. 2008 Monaco Camelot. Just changed the surge tank from the plastic to the metal one. Started up and warning light came on steady. Any suggestions?
  2. desertdeals69 - great feedback! I either knew that it needed to be aired up or I have just been very lucky every time I checked them. I guess I just forgot, but at any rate, thank you. The brake lights work........
  3. Need to make a correction. My Monaco is a 2008 not 2012 (that's my Jeep)!?!?!?!
  4. Not sure where that is or how to tell if it's working. Can you provide any assistance?
  5. Getting ready to leave so checked lights on coach and TOAD. Everything is working on both except brake lights. Neither side is working on coach or TOAD. I've checked all fuses in the left front panel below driver. All fuses are good. I pulled the bulb out of the left brake light socket and put it in the lights socket and it worked. I put a new bulb in the brake light socket. and nothing. There are a couple of relays that mention something about brakes. Could it be a bad relay? Any ideas???
  6. It's fixed. Thanks for all the help, Here is how it was fixed. Background first: found out the entry door magnetic switches that REV and Lippert gave me part numbers for were incorrect. They were contact switches only with no electronic function internal to the switch. That's why the step would extend/retract when door opened/closed, but wouldn't stay out with door closed or retract when ignition was on. Mystery solved. The correct switch for my coach is part# 16622748 Desc: SWITCH DOOR ENTRY .75 MAGNETIC WHITE. As soon as I installed that switch everything worked exactly like it was supposed to.
  7. Is the fuse for the yellow wire in the outside panel below drivers seat or is it inline somewhere?
  8. I replaced the switch. I have checked with Lippert and they were no help. I've checked the ground and it appears to be good. I don't know how there could be a crossed wire. The switch has two wires coming out and I tired them in to the two wires from the harness. Lippert support confirmed that it didn't matter which wire was connected to the wires from the harness which I thought was the case. I did go back and reverse them and it makes no difference. The step has the name coachnet on it. Lippert confirmed that is correct according to my VIN. The motor and controller are Lippert.
  9. I have a 2008 Monaco Camelot with a Coachnet step and control module # 301702. I had to replace the magnetic switch and now the step doesn't work properly. It still expands/retracts when door is opened/closed. However, now it will not remain out when coach is parked and and door is closed. Also, it does not retract when ignition is engaged. Any suggestions?
  10. Well, 4 new batteries and generator starts right up. Thanks to everyone for the help. All of you are great. Ron
  11. Thanks Bill. I'll check that out tomorrow.
  12. It started up after I pushed the battery assist and held start down for about 5 to 10 secs
  13. Just completed the auto start test. It failed. Apparently it tries a couple of times and only about 10 secs each time. (could hear the pump clicking}. then it set the same code 32 and it doesn't try again. I tried to prime and start from the remote switches inside and then on the gen and it still wouldn't start. Next I started the coach and let it run a few minutes. Tried same sequence and nothing. Waited a few mins again and then tried from remote switch and pressed the bat assist. after about 30 secs it started.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Does this give anyone any ideas? It's starting to get hot country again (been up in NW) We have two dogs so really trying to get the auto start working so we can leave them. Ron
  14. Update: I tried to get it started the same way I did yesterday and it would not start. I finally figured out that it was giving me a code 32 so after looking that up I proceeded to check grounds and all terminal connections on the batteries and at the generator. It seemed that some of the connections were possibly a slight bit loose. I cleaned both connections to the gen. I then tried to start it. It didn't start right up so I primed it again for about 5 sec and it started. Mama is washing right now so when she's done I'm going to try to cut shore power and see if the auto start works. My meter reading at the gen while trying to start it the first time today went to 12.3. I'm thinking I may still have a issue with batteries. Probably will replace all of them since I don't know how old they are. No indications to when they were installed. I'll post the results of the auto start test later. Thanks for everyone's help. Ron
  15. I can hear what I think is fuel pump clicking but gen not turning at all. I did the priming and then held start side down. It continued to click for about 15 sec and then started. Is there a separate fuel pump for the gen? Does gen start off house batteries? Could it be some dirty fuel and would some Seafoam cleaner help? 2008 Monaco. Onan Quiet Diesel 10KW with 1335 hrs TIA Ron
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