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  1. Bill, no particular reason. We have been full-time for a while now and we are just looking for someplace warm where we've not been. We spent last winter and spring on the Gulf coast and eastern seaboard and thought we would have a change of scenery.
  2. Thanks everybody. I find tons of parks on RVParkReviews. That's kind of the problem, an embarrassment of riches. Just hoping to hear from folks with personal experience at one or more of them.
  3. We are going to spend late Sept thru January around Phoenix and are looking for suggestions. We are a 45' Class A. Important factors are: need to be reasonably close to shopping and restaurants. Need solid, reliable WiFi, easy parking. Hoping to get down to the low $20 per day based on a multi-month reservation. We don't golf or cook out so mostly just want a clean, friendly place with utilities, 50 Amp, water and sewer hookups a must. Anybody have a favorite park fitting those needs? I did search the forum and didn't see any threads on-topic but if I overlooked one please feel free to point me toward it, thanks!
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