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    Just enjoying retirement with wife and 4 legged children. Really enjoy reading the FORUM'S.
  1. JMHO, but you will probably do more listening than talking. The trucker's like to talk to each other or someone than is really LOUD on the CB. Most any Radio today will do you a good job, the main ingrediant is the ANTENNA. Get you a 3 or 4 foot FIRESTIK ( depending where you mount it) and make sure it ia a NGP (no ground plane) one. They also sell a nice side mount that leaves no wires showing when installed, MODEL M-2. This will give you a durable and neat installation, and most of all you can increase the performance of your radio. Good Luck, David G.
  2. You guy's need to take time to read this topic, I read the reply's in it's entirety, and must say I enjoyed it. As you can see it's a little after 1:00 am, and this is the time I just lay back with my Laptop and read...........Good stuff..........OK I was in the other branch from you, but we were all in there about the same time. Now I know how to clean the BUG'S off, thanks and travel safe. David G.
  3. I'm a firm believer you get what you pay for, especially in tires. Is there any better tire on the market than Michelin, I don't think so. I have a tendency to walk around rest stops while traveling and like looking @ 18 wheelers. You can pretty much see what the good one's use. I'm talking about the self owner/operators. I talked to one driver from Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago while coming home from Fl. I had to ask him about his Rig because it was spotless, chrome everywhere, and even Power windows. He spends a lot of time in his truck, and when I asked him how fast it was, he just kinda grinned and said Freightliner won't tell me. Last and to the point, as I walked away I looked @ his tire's, Michelin's and nicely covered with tire shine, spotless Rig. He trusts his life running down the highway @ who knows what speed, that's good enough for me. JMHO. David G.
  4. I hate it that you were treated so badly, but that's the way buisness is today, you just have to have it in writing. Go on and don't look back, we have all had some blunders along the way, but don't let it get you down, it's not worth it. Maybe somene will see this and change their mind about going there, then you will have some peace of mind. Good luck with your new unit, Summer starts Sunday!!!!!!!!!! David G.
  5. I must admit I too have a problem with two of my Thermal window's. I know there are plenty more with the same condition, which is due to a sealing condition of the two glasses. I must say I think it is a Mfg. problem, but that will never be an option for them to admit. This is a window, it's either good or bad. My Coach is a 97 Fleetwood Southwind 37' Ford Chassis which just turned 40k miles, nice unit, bad window's. David G. Monroe, GA USA
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