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  1. What would be the expected average speed of a 35 ft gas class A pulling a car accross the Canadian roads to Alaska?
  2. all trailhawks are 4WD with automatic transmission.
  3. Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, with two speed transfer case.
  4. Will a 2012 Canyon Star 3511 flat tow 4,000 lbs?
  5. I spoke with Freightliner this morning, and was told my coach has two fuel filters. I have an appointment with Freightliner. Thanks for all of your assistance, and Merry Christmas to all! Tom
  6. Thank you, excellent idea. I will call Gaffney tomorrow. Tom
  7. Thank you all for your assistance. The temperature and oil pressure gauges were all normal during the entire episode. I am told this coach has two fuel filters. One is a "spin off" in the rear of the coach, the other is located inside the fuel rail on the passenger side over the rear axle near the airbag. I have an appointment with Cummins to leave it with them. Since it ran fine the last 25 miles of the trip I assume it will run well enough to get it to the Cummins facility, about 90 miles away. Thanks again!
  8. I purchased a 2003 Winnebago Journey 36C with Cummins ISB300 5.9 liter earlier this year. The coach has very low mileage (17K) and has not been used very much over the past few years. I originally had fuel contamination issues which after 2,000 trouble free miles I thought were solved. While climbing a steep grade yesterday both the "stop engine" and "check engine" lights cam on and power was reduced greatly. The road was a two lane with no room to pull over, so I continued climbing. Before reaching the summit both lights went out and power was restored. Anybody have any ideas as to the cause? Thank you, Tom Trimble
  9. I am looking for a replacement lens for the center brake light on our 03 journey. The existing lens has faded a great deal. Winnebago has the entire assembly, but I was hoping to find a replacement lens. Any ideas?
  10. Do I have to be a member of FCA to receive the information. I have a 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk and would like to have the modification installed. Thank you for the information.
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