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  1. Welcome aboard Bosun nice looking rig. From another coastie. Enjoy your travels.
  2. You are looking at the interior of the new one. Thanks. Probably won't make Chandler, medical stuff!
  3. We have Directv at home and with our last motorhome we used a tripod mounted SD dish and one of our house HD receivers. I don't have any box or control inside the motorhome for the dome just cut wires. Probably better just to use the tripod and take the dome off the roof and see if anyone can use the dome for parts.
  4. We have owned this 1991 Beaver Marquis for about 3 weeks and looking forward to putting some miles on it. It is 40 ft long, Orlov floor plan, with 3176 Caterpillar and HT747 Allison transmission. It has a beautiful Cherry wood interior and seems to be in excellent condition with 104,000 miles. We sold our 1991 Beaver Baronet the day after we bought this one.
  5. I have a new to me 1991 Beaver Marquis and am trying to figure out what I have for equipment. I didn't get any manuals with it. I have a satellite TV dome on the roof and no equipment inside and no information plate or markings on the dome or inside the dome. Can anyone tell me what I have by looking at the picture. Thanks in advance for any information. Keith
  6. 1. Keith Phillips 2. U.S. Coast Guard 3. June 1974- Oct 1996 4. E-1 to E-8, W-2 to W-4 Retired CWO4 (ENG) 5. Machinery Technician (Enlisted) Naval Engineer (CWO) 6. Served aboard 5 Ships CGC Boutwell, CGC Polar Star, CGC Active, CGC Fir, CGC Mariposa and 1 Year on Loran Station Lampedusa Italy. 5 Shore Stations Cape May NJ, Mobile AL, Tacoma WA, San Diego CA, Seattle WA. Plus a lot of temporary duty for schools. Thanks to all in this forum that served.
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