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  1. Carl, Can I get your chicken recipe?
  2. With the trike holding the grill, can I still flat tow jeep? How will the RV parks react to the smoke from smoker?
  3. I don't know...it's a gift...should be here soon...guessing + or - 400 lbs.
  4. Trike Hydra Lift! I couldn't remember what it was called. Once you eat a reverse seared steak. A grill just isn't the same.
  5. I'm getting into the grilling and smoking thing...not competitive level, but neighbors are real friendly when they smell the smoker fire up. I'll figure out something...Semper Gumby!
  6. Would a motorcycle lift work? Can I tow my Wrangler with that on a motorcycle lift?
  7. So you are saying this isn't one the trailers that you get grief for bringing in?
  8. Getting a new grill for birthday...how do I transport this in or on back of Class A with a toad?
  9. Thanks all...wife is officially off 5th wheels...so that's a win for me. We are also leaning away from the Super Cs, and are thinking of the Georgetown...I'm sure that will change a few more times before our target date.
  10. I think I've got her back on the right path...was just looking for experience to bolster my argument
  11. We have just about settled on a coach, but my wife keeps coming back to the possibility of a 5th wheel for fulltiming. How many full-timers are in 5th wheels? Thoughts? Pros and cons specifically associated with full-timing?
  12. Leary, We will be towing a Wrangler..at least for a few years lol.
  13. Ok...looks like wife is steering towards a diesel and is really liking the floor plans on the Legacys. Can anyone speak to the following: Forrest River customer service Forrest River quality and quality control Does anyone have a Legacy? The good, the bad, and the ugly? Thanks, Dave
  14. Would there be any interest in a meet up at a local restaurant? Share advice with us newbies...just see who all is local?
  15. I think you are asking about " OP!" Original Poster with an "!"
  16. That's what worries me...how long do gas engines live when treated that way? I've destroyed some motorcycle engines like that.
  17. You can always ship firearms from an FFL near your border entry point to one near exit point...depending on number of weapons, prices wouldn't break the bank. Whatever you do don't try and sneak them across the border. Anyplace you can think to hide them, someone else already has...and most people have tells when being questioned. With the shipping method, you'd at least have them when you get back in the states.
  18. Has anyone seen Bouvier de Flandres on a list banned breeds?
  19. I've got it in my head to try it, but no sure how feasible it is.
  20. I wanted to thank everyone for their responses. To expand on where we are, and our interests; We plan to purchase Jan/Feb 2017, and begin to fulltime as soon as we sell the house. Wife and dogs will camp near her parents when I'm OCONUS. We are quite interested in a " gently used" diesel less than three years old, but won't start looking at those until late fall. Our criteria for used would include finding an RV used by non-smokers. As for now we are spending our weekends shopping and looking at floor plans. We are looking at Class A diesel and gas, as well as Super C diesels. Needs: Minimum 38 feet Good Arctic pack Very open floor plan (3 dogs) Lots of storage (an issue in the Dynamax Force I like does not have according to wife) Ability to safely tow a jeep or larger SUV through the western mountains. Washer dryer- pstackable 1 1/2 bath After negotiations, we' d like to be around $ 185k-our research indicates that we should expect a 30-40 % drop below MSRP, so we plan on $185k + 30-40 % when we are looking. ETA HH6 Says we have to have bunk beds too. As we will have to return to FL and TX regularly, I am concerned about gas burners, but wife loves the space of the Georgetown XL. All thoughts, opinions and guidance are happily accepted.
  21. I'm pretty good at that actually...he referenced a "Class A only" park in Indigo, CA. Didn't give a name though. He also gave some kind of ominous warning of others...sounds like nonsense, but we are new to RVing. I wasn't in the mood to argue with a salesman or hang around for a buy now buy this one speech. Thought it might be better to check with other sources...so posted here....fair enough though and will move on to another forum...thanks for the "assistance". Hopefully others are more accommodating to those new to RVing.
  22. As an alternative to the more expensive diesel Super C, My wife really likes the Georgetown XL, but I'm concerned about the gas V10 and towing up steep hills. Can anyone speak on their experiences?
  23. We were shopping again today, and getting more and more interested in the Dynomax...but were warned today that some RV parks/campgrounds don't allow super Cs. Any truth to this? Has anyone experienced this?
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