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  1. We are looking at places to stay close to Estes Park, planning a trip to Colorado and have been looking and trying to plan. It seems that most of the parks are OK but not for a 45' coach. Please give suggestions for June trip.
  2. I always need what I left at home, they are in the drawer between the seats
  3. You want believe this but I really started searching and found another one in a plastic bag, both I assume was extras. I have still not found the one on the coach but I have two spares
  4. We are on the road, just got to new parking site and lying by my foot was Medallion 5550-11853-01. Looks like some type of sensor. I think it just fell loose, but I don't know where to stick it back in. Does anyone know where this thing goes on a Monaco Knight DFT? I started the coach and both gauges built up and held air; I am not sure they would shut off at limit. Does anyone know what this thing does? I drove about 200 miles today with no problems. Montie
  5. I am asking this question for a friend who just bought a 2011 Malibu for a towed car. He got a new tow bar and electrical hookup and everything worked. When he followed the owners manual and pulled the correct fuse everything still worked. The Malibu he traded in when the fuse was pulled everything went dead, transmission in neutral and the key positioned in the accessory position. I pull a Saturn Vue and followed the manual and when I arrived my battery was dead. Has anyone out there bought a new Malibu to pull and followed the direction and everything worked as it was suppose too?
  6. Some more information, the motor runs but it seems the gears are not tight and allows slippage or the power is down, the batteries check good and all connections are good. The gears seem to be slipping but when I roll up the awning a few rounds it will close but not very tight. There does not seem to be enough power to start the retract but all the initial start will continue to close.
  7. I went yesterday to have my batteries checked, because we are leaving on a trip. When I returned I noticed the patio awning was loose (the coach had been sitting for two months). I extended the awning and about halfway through, the awning almost fell to the end and when I tried to retract it, it would not go up. The motor was running, but it seemed there was not enough power. My wife held the button and I got on a ladder and started to roll it back up and then it seemed to have caught and went back up but did not seem to be tight. This morning I went back out thinking the batteries might not have been charged enough and the same thing happened. It is the original awning and has not been used much, maybe 10 times. The reason is, it is almost useless because when the side is out it only covers about six feet. Therefore, we don't use it. Any ideas before I go to the service center for a soaking? __________________ 2008 Monaco Knight DFT Saturn Vue
  8. Give me some input on driving the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville, N.C., north. I found a tunnel height chart and that looks OK, but I was more concerned about the sharp turns with a 40-foot motorhome towing another vehicle. I did find a few campgrounds, but the ones on the parkways seem to be to small.

    Outside TV

    I have not had a chance to look at one of the factory installs. Is there a weather proof box and something inside the door. I have enough room behind that particular couch and it would not be a problem to get electricity and cable there. We visited the Allegro paint factory in Mississippi a few weeks ago and most of the new coaches had that option. I would like to know how much it cost.
  10. MONTIE

    Outside TV

    I have noticed the new motorhomes that have a TV mounted inside the sidewall. I have yet to remember to ask if that is a kit that can be purchased. I think I would like that. As most of you know, in the daytime it's hard to see these flat screens. If it is a kit, where can you buy one?
  11. Thanks guys, I checked the drain tube in the back and it was stopped up, I cleaned that out and there was a large decrease in the refrigerator. I tried the 1$ trick and found that the seals seemed to be sealing. It is hard to get the dollar in far enough to check the seals but they look good. When I looked at the doors more closely I noticed a small slide lock on each handle, I locked that and everything seems to be better.
  12. Thanks Brett, I don't think it is the door being opened much, it has been parked for about two weeks and the door has not been opened much. I think the air is getting in. The doors seem to be hard to shut, I don't see any way to adjust the catch, it seems to be mounted without adjustment. When you asked about the restrictor in the line, I have never seem any water in the catch pan but there seems there is a plug in the line, I will check that in the morning.
  13. What causes the condensation to build up on the partition between the refrigerator and the freezer? Large drops of water drips down from the top of the refrigerator section, to the shelves and drawers. The unit stays cold and the freezer keeps everything frozen but there is so much condensation that it actually wets the floor when the slide is in sometimes overnight. One thing I have noticed is the refrigerator doors are hard to keep shut; when closing them I have to push on each door at the same time and then sometimes it opens when we start rolling. I looked in the manual to find a way to adjust but could not find the door adjustment. It is just a hook-and-latch system. I hope someone knows what to do???? Norcold four-door!
  14. I have a 2008 Monaco Knight. I have I bumped something and broken the end cap and the part that installs under the end cap, a small piece of plastic that guides the awning into the cover when closing. I tried to order the part and was told it was discontinued and would be a special order. I searched the forums for some information and found that I am not the only one in this position -- Carefree discontinued a relatively new part. What gives with a company that sold a product and does not keep the parts around long enough to repair in 36 months?
  15. The Mack Cummins dealer is next door to our office, will call tomorrow Thanks. Montie
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