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  1. Don’t bother waiting for a return call. I’ve left 5 messages over a two week period and no return call. Complete waist of time.
  2. I’ve signed up for tech connect and am waiting for over 2 weeks for some indication that my device will be shipped. I’ve left at least 6 messages for someone to return my call. I just want an update on when I can expect the device. There was a question about my shipping address which I left a message to make sure it was correct. Since I can’t get a call back I’m about to dispute the initial charge on my credit card and call BBB. This is by far one of the worst experiences I’ve had. Does anyone have a way of contacting someone at FMCA that can do something?
  3. I did both my slide out toppers and it was simple. The secret was the RVGEEKS YouTube videos. I watched them about 2 or 3 times just to make sure I caught every detail and it was amazingly easy. They recommend Tough Top Awnings and that is where I got my new material from. It's top notch and they were very professional when dealing with them. I think they still have a discount code for the RVGEEK viewers. RVGEEK website http://thervgeeks.com/awnings-and-slide-toppers/ Tough Tops website http://www.toughtopawnings.com/index.html
  4. My preference is to shut down the propane while traveling and run the generator. Refrigerator stays on all the time and allows me to use the house AC if needed.
  5. Just did a quick search in Google on tow vehicle brake law in Canada and came up with a big list. This link seems to cover what your looking for. http://www.rvda.ca/ProvBrakeReqts.asp
  6. Never heard of this before so I'm looking into it also. Big red flag for me is the WIFI because most camp grounds we have been at you could never stream anything over the coverage they offer and forget about HD. I'm gonna research some more though because it looks interesting. I'll get back with anything I find.
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