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    Sway Bars

    Sorry. Fleetwood Expedition, 37.5 ' I think the gross weight us 2,9000#. The tires are new Michelin with nitrogen. 20,000 miles on chassis. I have not checked the ends for wear, but I think it would not have much with 20K miles. With these questions, I feel I need a checkup at the freightliner dealer here.

    Sway Bars

    I really do not like to drive my coach in a wind, evern a light wind, it seems I am alway correcting. I realize we drive a big box but I want to know if sway bars will decrease the effect of the wind. I have a 37' motorhome and have been looking into Roadmaster bars, if I decide to do this will it be necessary for front and rear. Thanks Montie
  3. We are planning a trip in Sept to Niagra and I have been looking at the KOA on Goat Island, any suggestions
  4. What is the best lubricant to grease the rails on a slideout? The instructions mention not to use a lubricant that will collect dirt and dust, but they do not give a type. I put WD40 on one that was really hard to close and it worked well, but I am afraid that it will build up crude.

    TV antenna

    Well here I am again asking a beginner question, I finally got my TV antenna to work, but I am not sure how to point the antenna in the right direction. I have installed the HD add on to my Wineguard Sensar. I cannot find a meter like that satellite to measure the signal strength, my picture on the station the greatest distance away goes and comes and I have tried to turning while the channel is on without much success. I have looked on the web to find a way to tune the antenna to the station without much luck, is this just a hit and miss or does thew antenna have a best receive end or side, which way does the antenna point. Over all I get a good picture if I am close to the station which is to be expected but I am 80 miles from Memphis and get one of the channels fair, the UHF I receive good. Suggestions as to how to increase signal strength. THANKS

    Hard to get level

    Thanks for the information, I thought about the carpenters level and will try that.

    Hard to get level

    Power Gear, I have the manuals and go through the suggested procedure but still have to adjust with the doors, I have not been able to make it level with the round level by the drivers seat
  8. Is there some secret solution that will get the black and grime off the rubber roof? I am a contractor and we use rubber roofs all the time, but we never clean them. I talked to my roofer and he did not know what to suggest that would not harm the body of the coach. As for caulk, we use MP-1 and I am sure that will reseal all the joints, right.
  9. I have a 2004 Expedition. It has manually operated jacks. I put the front jacks down to pick up the front about 2 to 3 inches, then the back for side to side, When the bubble gets in the center, the coach is still not level, and the doors still swing open. The bullit level reads that the coach is level.
  10. MONTIE

    Maine Sunrise

    Sunrise atop Cadiliac Mt.
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