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  1. I think that I did not put enough water to the tank and I have a build up in the tank. The comodes are macerators, will the Dawn work if that is the problem. It has a rinse, evry time I have rinsed the tank but it still holds about 1/3 reading. Thanks
  2. I have bought a 2008 Monaco Knight 40 DFW and it has Santi-Co and Aelectric comodes. They both seem to work great, but for some reason I cannot empty the black-water tank completely. The pump runs until it is out of liquid, but the sensor displays 1/3 full. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks Guys, for us that are just learning you save me a lot of time looking for something. With the state sites as they are I can't find anything but you guys always come through
  4. How could one person driving across the country meet all the differant driver's liscense requirements of all the states? I am leaving on a trip Sept. 8 -- going north to Maine -- and I looked at the states I will be going through. Will I need a commerical license to cross these states?
  5. This coach has almost everything I would like, but as you already know, some coaches are better as for warranty and quality construction. I just wanted to know if this model and type has a great deal of problems and recalls.
  6. We are considering a new motorhome, and there are some great deals out there in the Class As. I am looking at a Gulf Stream Tourmaster, 42 feet long. I was hoping that here was a site that would discuss the quality of the different models. Please comment on this particular coach, if that is appropriate for the forums.
  7. I bought a filter at Walmart that was designed that screws on the end of the water hose, I will look and see if it meets the standards you describe. I have a filter under the sink also. Thanks for all the information
  8. Just wanted to report that with your help we have conquered the bad water, I used concentrated chlorine and vinegar. I used about 3 teaspoons to 80 gallons water two times flushing between each treatment and then one gallon of vinegar to the 80 gallons then flushed until vinegar smell was gone. After all that I added an external filter in addition to the filter in the coach. Thanks, now I can have some of that famous Tennessee sweet tea
  9. Thanks, I will try that, I have bought some commerical stuff but it did not work.
  10. Any type vinegar or simple table vinegar
  11. The water from my holding tank tastes bad and we cannot drink it. I just read an article about the bleach method, but it also said one teaspoon of high-concenterated pool chlorine would do a better job. What do you think? My water really tastes bad. I do have a pool and use the concerate all the time. Montie
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    Kenya, Masai Mari

    From the album: Africa 2008

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    Africa 2008

    Travels in Africa
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    From the album: Africa 2008

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    From the album: Africa 2008

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    From the album: Africa 2008

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    From the album: Africa 2008

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    From the album: Africa 2008

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    From the album: Africa 2008

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    From the album: Africa 2008

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    From the album: Africa 2008

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    From the album: Africa 2008

  23. I live in the western part of Tennessee, the flat part. We decided to make a trip to the mountains and I remembered the hills on I-40 coming off the plateau. I was really anxious about going down these long steep hills pulling a Saturn behind. I made it fine going up with a 300 Cummings and Allison transmission but the thought of going down the long steep hill was still a major concern. Please don't do this but I got in the left lanes, that's where the run away lanes are and started real slow, the exhaust brake worked great and I really did not have to use my service brake much, I even got over to the right lane and acted like an experienced RV'er.
  24. What is the name of the product? The water in my coach tastes bad. We carry bottled water to make tea and to drink but would like to have a water that tastes good. I have cleaned but still have that plastic tank taste.
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    Sway Bars

    Thanks Brett for the information on Fleetwood frames, I have not had time to look at the bars on the coach. The Freightliner dealer is next door to our office, they do all my service, I may just let them look at it but I will get back with you when I have the information you need. Thanks so much for the reply
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