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  1. I have a Monaco Knight DFT. I have been trying to get my bay heater to work. The fan runs but the heat will not come on. I was told that I needed either a snap switch or thermostat to make it run. I understand that the heater needs to be removed to put in a new thermostat. In the water bay there is a chrome thing hanging down from behind the panel. It has wires running to and from one end. It looks like a handle but does not release anything because the electrical wires, it just hangs loose. I wish someone could tell me what this thing is. I have shown it to several people and they did not know. Thanks Montie
  2. I did a little research and found that you can retro-fit, looking into price,
  3. Can you retro-fit this system to a motorhome that has regualr gas water/heaters

    Christmas 2009

    Few Things are more delightful than Grandchildren Fighting for you lap


    From the album: Christmas 2009

  6. Thanks Jeep, I will contnact when I know more about time in Washington. Thanks for the information
  7. I see you are from Washington, can you give me a good place to stay about a week around Mt. Ranier, St Helens, we will be there last of May first of June. Montie
  8. Thanks Gary that's what I was thinking, I use Passport America and Good Sam's, I guess that as good as oit gets
  9. Thanks Wayne, I am in Good Sam and Passport, thought the ones you buy into might be better that these. I use Pasport everytime I can, the days are hard to make work especially in the summer.
  10. Can someone give me some information concerning the campground memberships? I was looking for a campground and read a review where someone stayed at a particular campground throiugh a membership.
  11. I think I am going to wait until I have the extra time to make Alaska, but I think we will gone from Tennessee to British Columbia and then down to California through Washington and Oregon. Has anyone driven the Shoreline Hwy through Northern California,
  12. Now to pick up where we left off, sorry I have been to many Grandchildren Christmas plays and such. Another question, are the raods better if we leave off California and go throufgh Calgary or Edmonson. I am really concerned about the roads on the west side of BC, I have heard so many scary stories and broken windshields and tire problems. Also are the roads after you enter Alaska good, do I need to bring spare tires for the coach. We have even thought about leaving the coach in Seattle and flying to Anchorage, reat a car and stay but we hate to not have our pride and joy
  13. We are making plans for a trip tp Alaska in our 40-foot Monaco. We need information, especially places not to try and what was your best experience. We are going to try to leave in May for about 60 days. We'd like to know places you liked and why, places to skip, best roads and worst roads. By the way, we are leaving from Tennessee and would like to go to California and then up the coast, but would that be too much travel for 60 days? Thanks. Montie
  14. I just sold a motorhome. I tried several national listing sites, but I sold it through craigslist (www.craigslist.org). It is free and it works. I live in a small city and posted it on my city's craigslist and two large cities within 100 miles. It worked. The only calls I recieved from the national ads were from people trying to post it on their Web site.
  15. My new coach has commodes that have grinders. I think they are called macerating commodes, and they work fine. My question is can I use paper other than the John Wayne paper that is recommended, or can I use a nice soft paper? I'd like to know if I can use any type of paper with these comodes. Thanks. Montie
  16. Thanks Mr. Tom, they are on order, .42 each
  17. I am not sure this is the right place but I have been trying to find the little plugs that fit in the vents at the bottom of the windows. I understand the vents are for draining the water, but I have seen some people with the plugs I am trying to find. They are manufactured by Atwood and I have searched their site and still can't find them. They stop the wind noise. Help.
  18. We just spent 5 days in Niagara at the Four Mile Creek State campground, it was short on ammenities, only 50 amp electric, water avaialble and dumpstation, no TV, but we stayed on the Banks of Lake Ontario, grat 5 days, I live in the country but I have never seen more stars. Thanks NY for this great park
  19. Thanks for info, ordered the vented model this morning
  20. Read this ... the way I understand is that all moisture goes out the drain and none into the coach: NO DRYER VENT REQ. ON THIS MACHINE: This machine incorporates an internal condenser for drying. All humidity stays within the unit and is drained as water. No heated or air-conditioned air is exhausted outside, so no vent is needed. This not only conserves energy, but also avoids problems with the delicate air balance requirements in large multifamily complexes.
  21. I am not sure how this one works but the reviews are good on Camper World but I think I will try to find a vented one
  22. We have bought a new MH, Monaco Knight, it come without a wasger dryer. I have been looking for a good one and decided to buy the Splendide 7100 XC Washer/Dryer - Platinum, I noticed it was non-vented model. I am concerned about the moisture in the coach, is this OK for RV use or would it be better to find a vented one. The MH is plumbed for water and drain, I do not know about a vent
  23. I have a new motor hoe that did not come with a washer/dryer combo, it is plumbed for a combo unit. I have been looking for a unit and had decided on the Splendide WDC7100XC Laundry Center. I noticed that this unit was not vwented to the outside. Do I need to have a vented or non-vented unit. I am concerned about moisture in the coach.
  24. Has anyone tried the new Garmin 465T, a trucker's model that gives things like low clearance on overpasses. I wanted a report before I paid $500 for a new GPS.
  25. Thanks giys, I appreciate the info. The only problem I may have if I cannot get this resolved is the commodes may not flush if I am in position that the commoded give a full signal. IN the book it mentions this could happen. I think I will try the Rid-X, soes it need to when the coach is a rest not being used
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