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  1. My suggestion is for everyone to spread the word to all RV forums, organizations, and friends. Tell them to contact their congressman asap and post a comment on the government site. https://www.regulations.gov/#!docketBrowser;rpp=25;po=0;D=HUD-2016-0013
  2. F298015

    Atwood Levelegs

    I ended up having Charlie's in Utah replace the original Levelegs complete system with the updated version.
  3. F298015

    Atwood Levelegs

    I have had problems with my Levelegs on a 2007 Alfa. I have replaced both the remote and the main controller. Two jacks are still showing problems. I am looking to replace the system. Two places have recommended that I use the new Leveleg system which has an additional control wire to each jack. Has anyone else done this? Or changed to hydraulics? Dave
  4. We have 2010 Mariner. Last year, 2 months after we bought it we had the transmission die after towing to to Albuquerque Rally. They rebuilt the transmission. It again died 2 months later. They rebuilt it again. During the next 12 months we towed it several times with out any trouble until yesterday on our way to Madison, WI. After 300 miles, the transmission died. The other times we had error meesages and slippage. This time it is strictly in neutral and will not function at all. We will tow it to the dealer when we get home. D Johnson
  5. 2010 Mercury Mariner Well, we just got back from a 1500 mile trip from Ohio to Vermont, NH and Maine. We followed the steps and started the car twice a day and kept the speed under 65mph. We are on our second transmission which was installed in May. The Ford dealer said this one was modified with some type of baffle assembly. So far so good, but we will continue to "test" it in August with a trip from Ohio to Tenn, and then Ohio to Indiana.
  6. I have a 2010 Mercury Mariner. We towed it to the FMCA rally last month. The error lights came on and we took it to our Ford Dealer. They also told us that our transmission was burned up and had to be replaced. They have received the new transmission which they said has been modified. Still waiting to get it back. I checked on its status on Friday, and was told Ford now has a recall on the transmissions for a "programming issue". Anyone towing a Mercury should check if they are affected with the recall. Dave Johnson UPDATE: I have the Mercury back. The new transmission has some type of modified venting system. They have ordered a baffle system that will be installed on or in the transmission once the part comes in. I think Ford has realized they have a problem towing this transmission and have come out with a modified version
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