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  1. very much interested in your advice for trailer tires . have a 35' motorhome and just recently purchased a 35' 5th wheel that i would like to change tires out . do not know if large 5th wheel tires are installed same as travel trailer . i would certainly like to install a good side walled tire as i believe it be beneficial .
  2. These Duo Thermo Heat Pumps have a reverse switch/contact ?? that operates from air to heat and visa versa . This switch/contact can get stuck . Some stimes by putting the air on for a short period and shutting down for a short time and back to heat may help if it is a sticky switch/contact . Try this if you have not already replaced the unit . These units can not be repaired other than a good cleaning . Use a spray foam cleaner ; should be available at a good havac center . After removing the shroud on the roof , spray fins and any area that crud appears . Rinse with hose being careful not to flood that area of the roof , for otherwise water will come thru the ceiling inside . Clean or replace air filters inside . Been their , done this . or you will have to replace the unit as these are throw aways . Can be replaced yourself if you are some what handy , not a major project but time consuming. GOOD LUCK
  3. The inexcusable nonsense of just opening their door for someone who has come knocking . You wouldn't do this if dry camping in the Wilderness nor would any of us answer a knock if we could not see who was at the door while dry/staying @ a WALMART Store or other parking areas anywhere in the U.S.. We all appreciate the WELCOME that WALMART STORES gives to us providing local laws are adhered to . But to turn around and attempt to SUE !!! such an injustice to Hospitality . These people obviously have not been on the road but it is not an excuse . If they rent an apartment or house their landlord needs to be on the lookout . If they own a home good luck to their insurance company . Their is no need for anyone or business to pay for their mistake.
  4. Does anyone out there have or had this system installed on their motorhome or tow vehicle? If you have this brake assist system, would like some feedback on its application and pros/cons. if you had and not put it on another vehicle, why not? I am considering this system but cannot find any useful information other than a few (2) people who had it on a previous vehicle but not present vehicle. Suppose to be a similar system (only in miniature version) of what is used on airplane braking systems.
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