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Special seminar on tire info for trailer owners

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I am considering offering a new seminar aimed at FMCA members who pull any form of a trailer. While big heavy fifth wheel trailers are more of concern, I would cover all towables.

My regular seminars on tires "Basic tire knowledge for the RV owner"  and "Advanced knowledge for the RV owner" touch on trailer application they have more focus on Motorhomes. With towables now a growing part of the FMCA family I want to offer more focused information as some of the needs for trailers, such as proper inflation, are different.


Setting aside your plans to attend Perry or Minot in 2019, I would like a seminar title that would get your interest and make you feel you should attend this seminar.

So assuming you were looking at a list of seminars, what works best for you?  If you have ideas please feel free to make a suggestion.

"Tire information for trailer owners"

"Important trailer tire information"

"What trailer owners need to know about their tires"

" How to get better life from your trailer tires"

Thanks in advance for considering the options and letting me know.


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very much interested in your advice for trailer tires . have a 35' motorhome and just recently purchased a 35' 5th wheel that i would like to change tires out .

do not know if large 5th wheel tires are installed same as travel trailer  .  i would certainly like to install a good side walled tire as i believe it be beneficial .


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Thank you for the feedback, wastuart.  I will send a message to our Continental contact to see about getting this tire added.



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Dan, tell them they are losing business to Michelin by not offering the same range of tire sizes as Michelin. I have just bought 8 tires from Michelin because of their current policy.


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