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  1. Congratulations on your retirement! One of the great things about an FMCA Forum post is the depth of knowledge of the membership. You are certainly in good hands with all of the advice being shared. Please also keep in mind many of FMCA's important member benefits. FMCAssist, the emergency medical and travel assistance program, may assist you if you become ill while on the road. This is covered with your annual dues. The FMCA Roadside Assistance program, an optional roadside assistance program, may help you if you break down while travelling. FMCA Mail Forwarding is also great in order to keep up-to-date with business and bills. And, although you may not need it immediately, the Michelin Advantage program may save you quite a bit of money on your motorhome and passenger vehicle tires. Best of luck to you with your travels.
  2. I apologize that you have not received your order from Kiley Mold. I have reached out to Denny and have asked him to personally contact you. If you have not received a call from him by the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday), please call the FMCA national office at 800-543-3622, and ask for me, Jerry Yeatts, Thank you for bringing this to our attention and, more importantly, thank you for being a member of FMCA!
  3. Dennis: I am sorry that you had a less than satisfactory experience with Dakota Post. The FMCA Mail Forwarding Service does offer the basic service at the price negotiated last year when the Mail Forwarding Service changed to Dakota Post as the provider. It appears you opted for the enhanced Virtual Mailbox program on May 16, 2015, and signed an authorization to have this amount charged. If Michelle at Dakota Post made the statement about how difficult it would be to inform everybody of charges in advance, then I certainly apologize for that statement being made. FMCA Mail Forwarding powered by Dakota Post remains a reliable and affordable service for our membership.
  4. It's always good to compare insurance policies and to get an apples-to-apples quote. That's a reason why FMCA now has a multi-agency/multi-carrier consortium of insurance providers for motorhome, auto, and home. Through one inquiry, you can get a comparison with Allied, Blue Sky, GMAC, National Interstate, and Progressive. More information about this benefit is in the FMCA Member Benefits Guide; or may be obtained through https://www.fmcarvinsurance.com/ or by calling 877-589-3599.
  5. Welcome to FMCA. Kiley Mold sells a commercial grade double sided tape. I attached my plates with the tape at least two years ago and there are no signs of it coming off. Enjoy your membership and the many benefits the association offers. One of the very best benefits is sharing information with one another, whether on a forum, or at a chapter, area, or national event.
  6. Notification was given to current subscribers of the mail forwarding service. Some subscribers had not used the service for over one year and were given notification that their boxes were being closed and that a refund of the balance of their postage account was being processed. The decision to oursource the mail forwarding service was not taken lightly by FMCA's executive board. The total membership has financially supported FMCA’s mail forwarding service for 1,000 subscribers for several years, with annual expenses exceeding revenues for this service by approximately $70,000. Raising the monthly charge to make up this difference would have resulted in a further decline in subscribers to this service. DakotaPost, formerly known as Alternative Resources, was selected as the preferred provider for mail forwarding services due to their willingness to maintain the current program with our current subscribers for one year, and then the assurance that the monthly fee would increase no greater than 25 cents in year two and an additional 25 cents in year three. In visiting their offices, I found the leadership and the staff to share a similar philosophy of the importance of FMCA and the commitment to provide outstanding customer service to the membership. The mail forwarding staff in Cincinnati were offered other positions in the company. Two have decided to remain on; one decided to retire; one part-time employee is considering our desire to have her remain with us working with membership; and one part-time employee wanted to seek a position where she can remain active (not a desk job). While FMCA may be considered a “business,” we very much are a family, as well. All of our employees are valued members of the FMCA family.
  7. FMCA is pleased to announce that FMCAssist, an emergency evacuation/repatriation and emergency medical reunion benefit, will be an association-paid benefit effective October 1, 2014. FMCA’s Governing Board approved the reinstatement of FMCAssist as an association-paid benefit during its meeting this past August in Redmond, Oregon. This benefit, which is available for all Associate (A), Life (L), and Full Family (F) members, includes the following services: Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation Emergency Medical Reunion Return of Mortal Remains Return of Dependents RV/Vehicle Return – Limited to North America Pet Return The coverage is available worldwide as long as you are more than 100 miles from home. You can be traveling in a motorhome, car, plane, ship or motorcycle to be eligible for this benefit. If you are a full-time RVer, you are always considered 100 miles away from home. Again, starting October 1, 2014, FMCAssist will be included as part of your membership dues. No sign-up is required. FMCA is the only RV club to offer such a valuable benefit to its membership. The coverage is provided by Seven Corners and is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. For details about FMCAssist coverage, click here.
  8. Good morning, Chris, and thanks, Herman, for recognizing Chris' membership number. It is so great to see families passing on their numbers to children and grandchildren. Chris, do you know that FMCA now has an FMCA Generations chapter, families that have been motorhoming just like you? Contact FMCA's chapter department if you would like more information, or read about it in July's issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine. To answer your question regarding emergency roadside service, FMCA has actively searched for a roadside service program that meets the needs of the membership. The concierge services that many companies add on to the roadside service adds price to the policy, but little value for the member. Also, limited use (2 or 3 calls a year) and limits on towing make programs less attractive. I have made contact with a few emergency roadside service providers. To get the best possible program for the membership, I would like to hear from those of you on this Forum. What is important to you in obtaining roadside service? Price? Unlimited calls? Unlimited towing? Tech support? Concierge services (rental cars, movie tickets, hotels, restaurants)? If you are comfortable with a limit on the number of calls per year and the number of times you may be towed (and number of miles per tow), please let me know. We really want to have a program made just for you. Please either respond via this forum or, if you prefer, send me an email. I'd love to hear from you. Jerry Yeatts Executive Director jyeatts@fmca.com
  9. The Website was temporarily disabled due to a conflict that arose which was out of the control of FMCA and KOA. Although the Christmas holidays slowed things down a bit, work is proceeding to have the program up and running very soon. FMCA members will be notified when this program is relaunched. We thank you for your patience and hope you will be pleased with this road service option.
  10. Thanks for your questions regarding RV RoadHelp. Unfortunately, Coach Net severed the relationship with FMCA earlier this year (March 2013) when their business model changed to more of a dealer driven program. FMCA was not, and is not, in a position to become a sales agent for a roadside service product. While we were disappointed in the decision by Coach Net to terminate the relationship, we understood that it was a business decision on their end, and a decision we had to make, as well. In researching roadside service programs available to motorhome enthusiasts, we found the RV RoadHelp program to be a very good program, providing a few features we did not have with the previous program. The initial pricing of $69.95 for FMCA members is also a nice way to try out this new program.
  11. Don Green from Harvest Hosts will be presenting a seminar at FMCA's Family Reunion in Gillette on Overnight Stays at Wineries and Farms. He will talk about how members can meet interesting winemakers and farmers, purchase locally grown products, and spend the night on the farm. It's not too late to join in all the fun in Gillette.
  12. FMCA leadership was made aware of these accusations over the weekend and is currently investigating the alleged incident. Anyone who truly knows FMCA, realizes that the vast majority of members care about one another, open their hearts and their homes, and treat others with love and respect. After all, this association was founded on the principles of family. As with all "families," there could be a few people who may not act in the best of ways. It is unfortunate that a few individuals could tarnish the image of thousands of other families. As one other person wrote, with approximately 85,000 active member families, there is bound to be a bad apple or two. As FMCA members, we do agree to abide by the Member Code of Ethics. We endeavor to be good neighbors, careful and responsible coach owners and operators, and good citizens in our communities. We should recognize that the public will judge members of Family Motor Coach Association, and thus the entire association, by their individual actions. Jerry Yeatts Executive Director
  13. Good afternoon, Kenvin. First of all, welcome to FMCA. We are happy that you are second generation members and that your children are also involved in this great lifestyle. I contacted Charlie Adcock, the vice president for the South Central area. Day passes are not being sold...they are being given away FREE! Charlie will be contacting your parents to let them know and, hopefully, he will be able to meet you and your family personally when you travel up to Shawnee from Amarillo! Safe travels!
  14. Thanks for asking about batteries. We have continued to search for a battery benefit for FMCA members. Distribution seems to be the problem. Since most battery manufacturers have a distribution network to their suppliers, it has been a little more challenging to pin down a battery manufacturer to provide discounts. FMCA will continue to seek a distributor that may provide a benefit similar to the Tire Connection program. Stay tuned...
  15. Good morning, Sue. Parking for the Madison Family Reunion will be located at Alliant Energy Center, as well as Lake Farm Park. The majority of the families attending this event will be parked at Alliant Energy Center. Volunteers, families requesting handicap parking, caravans, and Governing Board members will be parked at Alliant Energy Center. As each of these groups arrive, we will fill in these lots with general family parking. Families requesting electric, as well as some general family parking, will be directed to Lake Farm Park. Personally, having visited Madison several times, I love this setting. Families parked at Lake Farm Park will be parked near Lake Waubesa, with a fishing pier, boat launch, hiking trails, picnic shelters, sand volleyball court, and glorious sunrises and sunsets daily! FMCA will be providing a shower trailer at Lake Farm Park for families to utilize. Tram service to and from Alliant Energy Center will be air-conditioned coaches.
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