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  1. Thanks. As MS Streets and Trips could not be updated, we must find an other software.with the same (or roughly) gadgets. I am trying to find one.
  2. Just ask yourself before installing it if it would be easier and less expensive to have touch-ups occasionally rather than to remove the bra after a few years. I have to remove the bra on my MH and it appears to be tough job requiring a lot of elbow grease.
  3. astmi

    3M Mask

    Would anyone have an idea on how to remove the 3 M mask on a MH ? SOS please help. I tried to contact 3M, but they don't reply to request.
  4. Last week a friend of mine who owns an 04' Mandalay experienced a blow out on a front tire. Obviously, the front fender has to be replaced. We contacted the manufacturer to know that it does not carry body spare parts for this year model ('04). Fortunately, we found a fender at a used parts center. To me, it proves again that certain manufacturers (by chance not all of them) do not care about customers after the sale is made.
  5. Do you need that additional space ? I own a 40' and it proved to satisfy all my needs for long stays and on the road. Many camp ground can not accommodate RV over 40. Is the RV you are planning to buy fully electric (i.e no propane). I love propane: no need to use the gene each time you need the oven and less expensive batteries bank. If you are planning to buy a used RV, ask for the maintenance history (whether from the manufacturer for warranty claims or from the previous owner). it will help identifying lemons.
  6. With Delorme or RV Wizard, can you choose the route you wish to travel on or does the software decides for you (as with Garmin). The website says you need a GPS. Is there an antenna (GPS) supplied with the software or do me have to use an other device?
  7. I have been using "Streets and Trips" for many years for trip planning. This software is not working as it used to be. Which software are you using and what are the pros and cons? Your help will be useful and appreciated.
  8. My motor home is equipped with a Thetford Aria plus toilet. This a 100% electric toilet. My problem is that every 2 years or so I have to replace the mechanism (i.e the module that opens and closes the toilet) The module costs +/- 200$ I intend to replace the toilet by a totally mechanical toilet (no electronic) that would fit in the same place. Had anyone ever tried that?
  9. A few vehicles I am interested to for towing 4 wheels down are Honda Odyssey and Dodge Caravan. The are not listed as towables as per FMCA list of towables. Could anyone tell me if they can be towed 4 wheels down with the engine running. The owners' manuals are silent on this issue. I know that some RVers have towed unlisted vehicles with the engine running without any damage to the transmission.
  10. Thanks. I did not expect that water would go through the pump with the valve in city water position. So, I will check that.
  11. So, it means that even if the valve is in city mode that the water would go through the pump???
  12. My friend owns an '06 Mountain Aire (gas). His problem is: when plugged to city water and the valve to city water, the fresh water tank will fill up. It may take 7-10 days for the tank to fill up and overflow. I suspect the valve (the one we turn to city water or tank fill) to be defective. A tech pretends it would be the valve where the city water hose is connected to the MH. Any idea? Thanks everyone for your help and Happy New Year motor homing.
  13. astmi

    Fuel Filter Question

    Good advice. As you know the doors to the tank are locked. So, no one can put something in the tank. This why we suspect a filter between the tank and the primary fuel filter. Would someone know if there is such a filter?
  14. astmi

    Fuel Filter Question

    Mechanics I had advice from think there would be a filter between the tank and the primary fuel filter and this filter would be the problem.
  15. astmi

    Fuel Filter Question

    The filter is clogged with what looks like small pieces of paper or carton. There is no rust or water and the fuel in the filter is clean.
  16. astmi

    Fuel Filter Question

    Thanks for the suggestion. My RV has never been exposed to cold weather. Summer in Canada and winter in Florida.
  17. I own a Holiday Scepter with a 350 HP Cummins. There is what looks like mashed paper or carton in the primary fuel filter. No problem for the first 35000 miles. The RV has now 50 000 miles. The filter will last for 4 - 5000miles and then clogs. I just replaced the filter for the 3rd time. Would there be some kind of a filter between the tank and the primary filter?
  18. you are not the first one to have major problems with a PHAETON. All those I know had to live the same situation. A few trips back and forth to the plant in Alabama. Just Watch for the Windows: once the warranty is over, you may be faced with mist in the Windows. Tiffin will offer to replace the Windows at cost plus labor. Cheap Windows glasses ........
  19. Thanks to each of you for your help. I do not understand why Norcold refuses to give the diagram of the board or the name of their supplier. They just want to sell us expensive parts, period. We can not buy the insulating rubbers Inside the doors of the fridge. WE have to buy a new door at a cost of +/- 600$. I still think that FMCA should make representations on our behalf to prevent these companies to abuse on us like they do now. I will never buy again a motorhome equipped with Thetford products. (Mine is a Holiday Rambler Scepter).
  20. Thanks everyone for your help. The recall box had been checked before looking for your help. The problem is with the board. I called Norcold and they refuse to give the electrical diagram ont the board. They want me to ask a dealer, but no dealer has it. They want to sell a new board. I brought my defective board to an electronic tech. He found that a small part worth less than a dollar was burned out. It is not he first time that me or my friends have problem with Thetford (Norcold). They, in my opinion, deserve a big ZERO for Customer service. They just want to sell parts. For example, I have replace the rubber Inside the doors. They do not sell the rubber, I have to buy new doors at a cost of +/- 600.$ Could FMCA make representations on our behalf to make these peoples more Customer service oriented. They have a permit to steal from us.
  21. My RV is equiped with a Norcold fridge 1200 LIRM. I have a problem with the electronic board (the board that controls all the function of the fridge). The tech who is trying to repair it would like to find the electrical plan of the board. Would anyone knows where I could find it Thanks for your help.
  22. astmi

    Cummins ISB

    It is a Holiday Rambler LaPalma. So, this is a diesel pusher with air suspension
  23. astmi

    Cummins ISB

    Jim, it is not a gas engine. It is a Cummins ISB
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