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    I need to replace the sliding part of the rear window (5th Wheel) of my 5th Wheel. Every place I called wnat ot sell the complete window whereby I just need a glass. Nay idea where I could buy the glass only. Thanks for any help
  2. astmi


    is anyone familiar with NAVIGON GPS ans navigation system ? Pros and cons ????
  3. Did anyone ever experience Diamond shield ? Is it different from 3M mask?
  4. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
  5. I have to replace the wiper blades on my class A Holiday Rambler. Ideally, I would replace the rubber band only but can not find it anywhere (24 inches). All MH parts store, auto pats or truck center sell the whole wiper blade made of plastic material. I would like to keep the metal blade mines are made of. Any idea where I could find that ?
  6. Thanks guys for your comments. When I first posted this message, I was also wondering if some members in San Diego would know Angelo's Towing in order to help us solving this issue
  7. Recently a friend of mine had a mechanical problem while traveling in San Diego (California). His class A MH had to be towed. The MH was towed by Angelo's towing. The towing neglected to disconnect the driving shaft thus causing damage that amounted to over $7,000. It has been impossible for him to talk to the owner of the towing co. The company never replied to letters sent by my friend nor to many phone calls and neglected to follow up on many requests although a guy he thoughts to be a supervisor admitted that the towing procedure was not OK. Would anyone know this company and could help us. My friend since traveled to Florida. Thanks for any assistance.
  8. Thanks. I wonder if I should worry about minor cracks on the sidewalls. Any product you know would help tire life and avoid cracking.
  9. My motorhome (class A 22.5) and some of my friends' motorhomes are equipped with Michelin tires. I wonder to what extent we should tolerate minor cracks on the sidewalls. What would be the normal useful life of Michelin tires (covered when the motorhome is parked) for a long period of time? What should we use to prevent cracking ?
  10. a friend of mine has a broken glass on his travel trailer (new models i.e the ones with an hinge not the sliding ones). He wants to buy a new glass. The manufacturer of the travel trailer went bankrupt recently. So, we contacted Lippert. They do not sell the glass only. They want to sell the whole window whereas he needs the glass only. Any idea where we could find the glass manufacturer who could sell the glass only? Regards and thanks for any help.
  11. I own an F150 2014 (Harley Davidson Edition). Yhe owner's manual says it can't be towed 4 wheels down. FMCA guide says YES but do not mention the Harley Davidson Edition. Who's right ?
  12. Herman, I already found and bought 4 used doors. Thanks
  13. I did not know there was a class action against Norcold. Any info on that ?
  14. BLAKE, In fact, it appears that a few drop of water or high humidity will activate the cut off switch. It can be reset once with a magnet but only once. We all have the same problem with Norcold. No support and good luck. Another example of Norcold assistance: They will not supply the seals for the doors. They want to sell new doors at a cost of roughly $800 per door just because the seals have to be replaced.
  15. Thanks guys. I do not have the resetable temperature sensor although the cooling unit is only 2 years old. BYRD: for each replacement, there is no cost for the unit but we face a charge of a few hundred $ for the inspection of the fridge
  16. Norcold has recalled most of the fridge on the market. Mine is a 1200 LRIM. To comply with the recall, the tech installed a gadget to control the ain the chimney. The gadget will power off if the chimney overheats. But... this gadget is often defective. It is guaranteed for life (as per Norcold) but in order to get a new device, the tech will make a complete inspection of the fridge at a cost of 200$ +/-. The tech says that the device has a tendency to cut power off if a few drops of water enter in the outside compartment where it is located.(after heavy rain for example). Anyone had some experience with that device?
  17. you do not have to change the whole fridge but only the cooling unit. Then, you do not have to take the fridge out if the MH
  18. How does the owner's manual identify the 3 codes you have?
  19. thanks everyone for your comments
  20. I called them this morning andthey told me that this product is not offered since 2009.
  21. Recently a friend of mine experienced what could have been a tragedy with his tow bar. While entering a Flying J service station to refuel, he heard a BANG and saw his towed vehicle backing up slowly. The tow bar was broken apart just at the attachment to the MH. This an all aluminum tow bar tested to 7 500lbs. I called Blueox and the said that these tow bar were eliminated in 2009. Are these tow bars dangerous. Anyone experienced something with them?
  22. Does a tow dolly require a plate do go on the road in the USA? Some say no because the car on it is plated and that the dolly is in lieu of the front wheels of the towed vehicle. Any opinion or experience on that matter?
  23. To me, space allocation has to be made using the criteria of the time you use each space (bedroom, kitchen etc..) So, do we spend more time in the bathroom than in the salon? I like the sofa and recliner. kitchen for 4 and a lot of space in the pantry, reasonable space in the bedroom and I don't complain about a small bathroom because this is not where I spend most of my time.
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