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    Generator Problem

    Thanks I'll check that
  2. astmi

    Generator Problem

    Shore power is not connected while I try to run the gene. There are no fault codes. Oil level is OK and fuel is full. I wrote that the amp meter shows à 15-20 amps load when thé gene runs and reduces rapidly. This load does not occur when I plug the RV to shore power (gene off). I triied to run thé gene with the switch at off position. Same problem. Could there be any electronic device that would stop thé gene?
  3. My generator is an Onan 7.5kw diesel. It runs for a minute or 2, then stops. The load at start is between 15-20 amps and reduces gradually to 7-8 amps. This load situation does not appear when connected to shore power. There is no fuel. Any idea on the possible cause of this problem.
  4. astmi

    Hard To Find Parts

    A friend of mine who owns a 35' 1997 Dutch Star experienced a complete loss of brakes due to leaks in the oil lines. He wants to redo every inch of these lines but can't find them. His RV is built on a GM chassis. Any idea where we can find them? All RV and trucks parts dealers we contacted up to now say this is too old and they do nol have any listing for these parts.
  5. astmi

    Fuel Additives

    My RV is pushed by an ISC Cummins 350 hp. The chassis is a 2004. I presume that the engine was built in 2003 or 2004. Since the sulfur content has changed after 03-04, would you recommend adding any fuel additive to compensate lower sulfur content? If so, which one?
  6. I sent many requests to this company, but they never reply.
  7. Thanks I read the article you referred me to. But I remember reading a topic on the products recommended to do the job. No mention of the Products to be used in that article.
  8. I remember an article in the magazine on how to clean a radiator on a pusher. Anyone remember in which issue this article had been published?
  9. My RV Holiday Rambler Scepter 40' is equiped with Goodyear G670 275/70 22.5. I wonder if I could replace the tires by Michelin with 80 rather than 70 and what would be the price of these Michelin?
  10. Good news for a lot of us. Thanks for telling us in advance since this vehicle is not in the showrooms yet.
  11. Why don't you give a call to the manufacturer's customer service dept? They will tell you.
  12. Thanks. They are the ones I tried to contact via their web site. Unfortunately, they don't reply after a couple of emails.
  13. I am trying to find dealers for Gulf Stream Tourmaster in the US. I tried through Gulf Stream web site with no result. Is this company still in business?
  14. I would like to install a TV on the outside wall of my motorhome on the passenger side slideout. Looking for a company that could that job. (i.e making the compartment, the door, etc.) Anyone had the experience? Sent a couple emails to an advertiser in FMC magazine, but no reply. These peoples pay for a website but do not use it. We are in the Florida area.
  15. the best thing to do is to give a call to the window manufacturer for your RV and ask for a new glass. Not expensive and you can install it yourself
  16. We travel from Canada to Florida (back and forth) every year. We love to spend a couple of weeks each way visiting towns and areas discovered along the way. Do you any know of a campground listing that is reliable. We are very disappointed by WOODALL. Their rating does not correspond to actual conditions of the campgrounds we visited after relying to WOODALL recommendations and ratings. We own a 40' pusher. So, we would appreciate campgrounds designed to accommodate RV that size. We tried a few KOAs but they are generally located in the woods, not to say forest. So, we avoid KOAs.
  17. Thank you for your reply. According to motorhomers I met, Michelin does not stand behind its products. They always have a good reason not to honor their warranty.
  18. My Class A motorhome (40-foot Scepter) is equipped with Goodyear G670 RV tires. A few tire dealers recommend Firestone tires to replace my Goodyear's. Has any one experienced Firestone tires on a motorhome of that size and weight? As far as I know, these Firestone tires are not made especially for motorhomes. They are 30% less expensive than Goodyears.
  19. I am looking for used parts such as an awning end cap for a Carefree Colorado Eclipse. The end cap is the part between the motor and the roller. It transmits the movement from the motor to the roller. My problem is that the hole in which the motor shaft enters is not perfectly round. The shaft turns loose in the hole. I contacted Carefree. I have to buy the entire motor assembly when I just need the end cap. Any idea where I could find such a part. Thanks Andre
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