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  1. Thank you all for input. The link above is very helpful. But I guess what I'm looking for is comments, complaints, recommendations from lot owners. I will keep searching! Thanks again
  2. Is anyone aware of any forums, groups, or message boards, here or on another site, where RV resorts are reviewed as far as it pertains to lot ownership, not renting or short term visits, i.e. comments, recommendations, caveats for potential lot buyers. I am beginning to research possible ownership and while I find many campground review websites and message boards, I find none that seem to be geared toward RVers who are seeing to buy a lot. Looking in the SWF area at places like Naples Motorcoach Resort, Cypress Trail, and similar. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place
  3. Sorry for this long post, but it may be of interest to other Winnebago View owners. So I recently took my 2016 Winnebago View to my dealer for a recall issue related to some sort of electrical control module. My check engine light was also on (no other dash warning lights, engine running fine). Dealer completed the recall issue, but said they could not check or fix the check engine light because they did not have the necessary code reader to read check engine codes for Mercedes (I think that is unusual for a dealer that sells a lot of Sprinter-based RVs). Said I must go to a Mercedes Sprinter dealer, so I did. Mercedes dealer looks at my unit and said I would have to take it back to Winnebago dealer because the check engine light was coming on due to something Winnebago did to the wiring at time of manufacture . Frustrated, I called Winnebago Customer Service. The agent stated the check engine light was activating due to the previously discussed recall issue, and that since the recall was now fixed and the troublesome module was removed, the Mercedes dealer could now turn off that check engine light. So I tell this to the Mercedes dealer service manager; he says they cannot get the light to go off. So I call my original Winnebago dealer back. They tell me to take it to another local Mercedes Benz Sprinter dealer with which they have a better relationship. I am now waiting for an appointment. I have tried using the battery disconnect under the dashboard to see if that might reset the light, but that did not work. Any other Winnebago View owners have such an issue? Gary, Hilliard, Ohio
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