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  1. Philc

    Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    Jmholb57 I have that engine in my coach. I went from a v10 to the 340 ISB. IMO the v10 had a better 0 to 60 time but it was also in a 35 ft coach which was quite lighter then my DP. The v10 averaged around 6.5 to 7 mpg @ 65 mph. After 3 years of check engine lights with the ISB I think it’s finally running quite well. I’m not a big fan of the new clean diesels too many issues with them. One thing I’m very pleased with is my fuel mileage, 10.5 mpg @ 65 mph in a 33,000# coach. I figured this was my first DP and I wasn’t looking to go all out yet on a top of the line unit until I buy the one I retire in .When I buy my next DP I will be definitely looking for more hp. Good luck on your purchase Phil
  2. Philc

    Class A Coach Cover

    The cover I had weight approximately 35lbs.Elements Premium model from CW. It had a storage sack with a large strap that I would put it around my shoulder like a back pack and climb up the ladder. Not to enjoyable. Fortunately it was only for the first winter of owning the coach now it’s in a heated garage and the cover is in its sack and collecting dust. But there is all types of covers out there with all different weights to them. Phil
  3. Philc

    We have Progressive.... may be overpriced?

    I had thought about doing that but there was such a difference in price that I didn’t bother. You would think after being a customer for several years they would give me a good price right off the bat. Progressive sends me flyers all the time to give me a package deal for all my different policies so I had them give me a number and they were completely out of the ballpark so they couldn’t get all my business. Wish it would have worked I’d much rather write out one check a year than several.
  4. Philc

    We have Progressive.... may be overpriced?

    I had Tobin Agency in Nj they handle nothing but RV insurance nationwide. When I bought my new coach in 2015 I called them for prices they said they would give me 3 quotes with companies they use. The quotes ranged from 2000 to 2500 a year all identical coverage including replacement cost coverage 170k value. The 2500 quote being from Progressive thru the Tobin Agency. Don’t know why but their commercial came on TV so I called direct , I figure I have nothing to lose told them exactly what I was looking for . I was quoted 1750 a year for the exact same policy glad I called signed right up and still with them today. Hopefully I never have to call for a claim.
  5. Philc

    AC condensation run off

    I usually lift the passenger side of the coach a bit higher just so the water rolls off the roof to the other side
  6. Philc

    Simple Tires Online

    Joe Thanks for the link I’ll keep it in my favorites for the future. Millville is about 30 min from my house very convenient for me Phil
  7. Philc

    Simple Tires Online

    Yes, Tires Direct I forgot about them another good choice I’ve ordered from them as well
  8. Philc

    Simple Tires Online

    I’ve ordered RV tires as well as truck and car tires several times you can’t beat their prices I’ve sent them a note with each order about date codes and what I would accept and never had a problem. I used to use Tire rack but Simple tire has better pricing. Phil
  9. I’ve been a member for a few years now. I enjoy reading the forum daily there is a very large amount of knowledge and experience on here that helps greatly helps us coach owners with so much and I believe more times than not saves us a trip to the repair shop. I look forward to the monthly magazine as well for the same reasons. I don’t mind the change to allow towables. Truth be told when I’m camping and sitting around the camp fire I don’t mind who is there as long as we have a good time. My suggestion for a new magazine is why not 2 publications 1 coach owner based as it is now and 1 towable owner based. They could be identical inside except for the tech and coach review sections. Members could be given the choice which one they prefer to receive each month and if you want to receive both of them, pay a small fee for the second issue. IMO just something to think about. Phil
  10. Philc

    Alternator not charging

    Thought I posted this but I guess I never hit send. Oops I experimented and left the heat on in the garage at 70 for a week started the coach and all was well. I’m guessing my lack of never having to start coach in the cold weather before had something to do with it. Grid heater never really had to work to hard in the warm weather. (I hope) If it happens again I’m just going to pull the alternator and have it bench tested as a few of you have recommended.I will find out in two weeks when I take it on the first trip of the season. Thank you all for your replies and especially to HayesFamily for posting otherwise I would have probably not have noticed my not submitting this post Phil
  11. Philc

    Recommendation for Campgrounds in SC

    EL They are both big rig friendly. The one time I stayed at Lakewood Campground it was for bike week. I had my 40’DP and 14’ closed trailer on my site. Phil
  12. Philc

    Recommendation for Campgrounds in SC

    El Not sure where you are heading in SC but if you are planning to visit Myrtle Beach,I have stayed at Pirateland Family Campground and Lakewood RV Resort. They both offer ocean front sites. I have stayed at both of them several times and enjoyed it every time Phil
  13. Philc

    Alternator not charging

    That’s one of the first thing I checked. I would think it would probably squeal as well
  14. Philc

    Alternator not charging

    Jim What you say kind of makes sense I never had this happen before but then again I never started the engine when it was below 60 degrees. I ‘m going to have to experiment with a few different things,. I like the idea of that battery isolator. I have a battery tender connected to my batteries and is on whenever I plug in. Thanks Phil
  15. Philc

    Alternator not charging

    Richard The engine runs smooth and idles fine slight change in rpm when the alternator cycles on and off Phil