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  1. I have a similar experience that makes me certain I will not be re-upping my membership in Roadside Assistance. I was on I-81 and got a Low Coolant warning on the dash of my 40-foot diesel pusher. We pulled over and tried to fill the coolant reservoir but I was unable to get the cap off because of the tight location. I called Roadside Assistance and the woman told me she would try to find someone to come out. She called back in 25 minutes to say there was no one within a 50 mile radius who was willing to do this. Her next suggestion left me flabbergasted. She said she could send out a tow truck to bring my rig in to be fixed. I told her I needed a pair of strong hands not a tow truck but she said there was nobody who could help. Now, we were within 70 miles of Washington, D.C., not in the boondocks. I told her to forget it. I couldn't believe she would even suggest towing as an option. So I unhooked my tow car and drove to the next town, 12 miles away and purchased a channel lock pliers and a funnel, returned to the rig and performed the necessary fix on my own. The notion that there is no roadside service in a basically suburban area tells me the FMCA Roadside Assistance program is essentially useless and I will not be renewing this.
  2. I need help because my Auto Park lock no longer holds my motor home when I put it in park. I have a 454 Chevy gas engine on a Workhorse chassis. The motor home is a 1998 Holiday Rambler Vacationer: 32 feet. I also notice that the yellow pull handle on the dash does not seem to function as a locking brake either. As a result, my wife is expert at getting a wedge placed in front or behind the wheel to keep the rig from rolling. I talked with a truck mechanic and he told me the transmission most likely will have to pulled because the tag on the transmission has broken off and probably is lying at the bottom of the pan (held by a magnet). He said this was a big job and is not an "emergency" but definitely should be fixed. Short-term, he said, I should have the transmission pan cleans and new transmission oil put in there. Any guidance would be VERY helpful since the rig definitely is not safe to operate in this condition.
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