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  1. Thanks Rich ill double check...
  2. I have a 2003 American Tradition on a Spartan chassis. My marker/taillights are not working. The turn signals and stop lights work, the headlights work. I have checked and replaced the fuse and the relay switch in the main fuse box to no avail. I’m looking for suggestions on where to look next.....help!!!!
  3. I have a class A, 40 foot DP, last week I noticed that my inside duel tire was pretty low on air. I was in a camp ground in a major metropolitan area. I figured it had a stem problem or a slow leak and I would have it filled a drive to a tire place to have it checked. I call FMCA Roadside Rescue and requested service. First the dispatcher said she would send a tow truck, where would I like it towed? No, I only need air... ok she said she would call me back. Ten minutes later I received a text the service was on the way, the company was called Auto Rescue, I call the number on my text to ask if they knew it was a motorhome, they said they were sending it back. Thirty minutes later got a new provider text, this one could do the job the dispatcher said. an hour later a pickup showed up with a compressor on board that had 100 lbs of air, my tires take 110lbs. He tried to put air in but couldn’t. He was also a waste of time. All together I wasted over 3 hours trying to get air in a tire. The next morning I drove 9 miles to a “truck tire repair” shop. They checked the tire, replaced the valve and $15 dollars later I was off. ( They also had a roadside service truck that could have done the job with jacks and compressors and experience). So here’s the question, a Class A is pretty much a truck, why not send the proper equipment to start with? We buy service for Motorhomes not cars. Also, what if this were out in the country, or the desert? Don't think I’ll be renewing next year.
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