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  1. Any idea where and when the 2019 rallies will be. I have to plan in advance so I don't schedule a work conflict. I'd really like to see the info get out much sooner. Just location and dates.
  2. THANK YOU!! That is what the dealer told me also. Plus some other places I've checked. BUT, it really helps knowing someone else had the same thing and it works fine. What year is yours? Turning this one off is different than our others. But the steering wheel seems to be freed when it's off? All those computers I guess. Our last one had a manual transfer case. So pretty easy to just put it in neutral.
  3. Trailer light receptical is not wired correctly, doesn't match drawing? So we can get our toad vehicle lights to work correctly? Any ideas? Linda 99 Country Coach Intrigue
  4. We have towed Jeeps for year with no problems. This 2011 is new to us and I can do all the steps to get the transfer case in N. Everything seems to work but the "Four Wheel Drive System in Neutral" don't show up on the EVIC. We can roll it with no problem so seems to be OK. Just curious is anyone else has this problem? Linda
  5. We have a 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland (new to us) when I do the process everything seems to work but those words do NOT come up on the dash. We can roll the Jeep freely but it doesn't say that in the EVIC? Anyone else have that problem? We've towed Jeeps for years and no problem which is why we bought this one. Thanks. Linda
  6. We are going out west this summer and curious the best place to stay and visit many of the areas from one campground. Thanks.
  7. I've had Coach Net since 2002. Used them several times years ago and they were great. FMCA is now using a different company. VAS. Does anyone have experience with them. We had the "gold" package which is the same as Platinum. That was all we needed for all our vehicles. So don't know what VAS offers.
  8. Do you have info on the Convention yet? Who will the entertainment be? Any side trips? Just the normal info we usually get. Thanks.
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