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  1. We just ran I40 from Flagstaff East to Oklahoma City this week March 1 - 4, 2010) in a 27 foot Class C towing a car. The road is very straight, with a few ups and downs that the transmission in your RV can probably handle by automatically downshifting without you even having to get out of cruise control. From Albuquerque on East the snows from the mid February storms were only visible on mountain tops and in areas that the sun couldn't reach. There are some places where there is potential for cross winds, but at least this week the winds were much lighter than they were when we made a similar run last October. Less Temperature change means less wind (?). The biggest deal was night time temps - it got down to the mid 20s each night. Throw an extra quilt on the bed and take the appropriate precautions about freezing pipes and tanks that are exposed. The mountains that surround I40 always make the trip worth while. I didn't know there could possibly be that many Route 66 Museums! Doug Somerlot 2007 Itasca Cambria VW Rabbit
  2. Dungeon Provincial Park, Newfoundland
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