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  1. We are now into April 2013 and the spokesperson for the town has chosen to ignore us completely.......does this tell you what they think of the RV community?
  2. Having spent a lot of money in Van Horn and knowing the ex mayor, before the Hispanic community booted him and put their lady anti gringo, anti Rv, anti everything not hispanic into office, Van Horn went to he11 very quickly. The area behind the Pilot station that is now a truck parking area, did belong to the Catholic church and they had given us permission to park there over the years, when we were in town. We now go through town without stopping but long for the good old days where we could stop, fuel, eat at the cafe next to Pilot, shop the small stores on Rt 66 and get some much needed rest. Hopefully someday it will return to the friendly Texas town it was, but I doubt it will happen.
  3. You better hope you do NOT need AAA for your RV in one of their NON covered areas.........AAA is NOT one company nationwide, but is 51 separate small companies with very different rules in each area. MOST do NOT cover RVs and will NOT even provide you the courtesy of dispatching the needed service with you paying.....Check for yourself, if you doubt what I say.
  4. Not in Florida.......Florida will suspend your driving privileges in Florida then issue an arrest warrant for not paying a parking ticket, so I can image that they will surly issue an arrest warrant for not paying a traffic ticket, along with a suspension of driving privileges....In today's world, all states are on the same page and your home state will probably suspend your driving privileges also for failure to pay in another state....
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